How to Go Freeballing

Freeballing, also known as going commando, is the practice of not wearing underwear under one's clothes. "Going commando" is reputed to have begun with commando and other special forces military units, in which some soldiers stopped wearing underwear to prevent chafing. Whatever the reason, you should try it. If you want to escape the feeling like something is constricting your genitals, read on!


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    Find a day you know the least amount of people will be at your house, this is always the best way to start. This can be hard, but if you find a day when your mom has to go to the store, your dad is at work, and your siblings are hanging out with others, then when your mom asks you to go the store with her, just say no, I want to stay home today or something like that.
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    After that, slowly start freeballing until you get enough confidence to do it around your family.
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    After you find out that your family does not notice then you can start freeballing in public. Going commando in public may seem scary at first, but after a while it will be normal to you.
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    Next, go through periods of full time freeballing (days in a row you do not wear underwear), for days, weeks, or months. A good opportunity is during summer break when you are not at school.
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    Lastly, you can become a full time freeballer and never wear underwear ever again....


  • There are a lot more people going commando than you think.
  • If apprehensive about freeballing at school because of gym class, follow and get used to all the steps above before taking this step.
  • The least noticeable pants or shorts to wear while freeballing are jeans and khaki or plaid shorts.
  • Basketball shorts are great for going commando if they're not see-through. They're very comfortable and cool. Don't worry, it's not as obvious as you think. It's no more noticeable than wearing boxers.
  • Erections may happen more often when you first start freeballing because your naked penis is not used to the bare fabric of your pants.
  • When you get completely used to it, you can throw away as much of your underwear as you like. Some people keep a pair just in case, but many people find they like the idea of not owning a single pair. Do what feels right for you.
  • If you're bold and confident and want to be the "cool kid," don't worry if other people know you go commando. Many of the coolest athletes, actors, and musicians go without underwear and they proudly state it.
  • If you have an erection, think about something different, and don't touch it.


  • If wearing shorts, especially very short shorts, be careful not to open them too much or you will show people what's there.
  • Be prepared to do your own laundry, and frequently.
  • Do not wear sweatpants or basketball/mesh shorts when first starting as your unsupported genitals flopping and moving is obvious to everyone.
  • Try to not tell people until you are in college, where most people are mature enough to handle it.

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