wikiHow to Give Yourself an Intensive Pampering

If your body and face needs some serious pampering, or you just want to make yourself glow, then this is the article for you. Try this once a week or fortnight and notice the difference! This is suitable for anyone.


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    Get some products together first. You can find any product of the same type to your fancy, budget and body/skin type. Most body and face products can be found pretty much anywhere - supermarkets, department stores, drug stores, anywhere. To perfect this intensive pampering treatment, try out different products and see which one works best for you.
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    Have a nice bath, adding any salts, lotions, bubble bath, shower gels or whatever you prefer to your bath to make it nice and relaxing. Try lighting candles or burning incense as well to add to the atmosphere. Even bath salts can help. I also suggest unplugging the phone and not answering the door. Shave anywhere that needs shaving and wash your hair. Consider using a hair mask or oil afterwards for extra "oomph". Cleanse yourself thoroughly. Whilst in the bath, use a bar of soap or sugar scrub on your entire body, concentrating on areas that really need some work, such as tops of arms, your buttocks, elbows, knees and feet. Wash it off and get out of the bath.
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    After your bath, get your hair out of your face and fill the sink with warm or colder water (your preference). Warm water is best for opening up pores and giving a deep cleanse, while cold water is used for closing pores after cleansing, so keep this in mind.
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    Use a sugar scrub and dot your cheeks, forehead, tip of your nose, eyelids, upper lip, chin and neck with it. Give your face a really good scrub and don't worry about hurting yourself as the more it does, the better. This doesn't mean you have to scrub your face raw; it wouldn't work like that. It just needs a bit of elbow grease to really get it going. Take care to not get the sugar scrub in your eyes, nose or mouth and wash it off in the sink.
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    After that, use a gentler face scrub on your face and dot the areas you dotted last time. Rub it in and wash it off, like in step 4. Pat your face dry.
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    For oily skin, try using a face mask that is designed for oilier skin afterwards and a non-greasy, light moisturiser. For dry skin, use a face mask for dry skin and a thick, rich moisturiser like Nivea.
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    Body brush your entire body. These brushes are specially designed to get your blood going and can also prevent and reduce stretchmarks and cellulite by stimulating your body, blood and circulation. Whether you buy or have a handled or hand held body brush is up to you. Start body brushing your arms or legs in circular motions leading up to your heart. Don't rush it, spend some time on it. If you body brush every day, you should notice some amazingly soft skin, good circulation, exfoliation and a nice glow to your skin in no time. From arms or legs, do the latter, then your stomach, breasts (take care around the nipples), chest, bum and back.
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    Apply a moisturising body lotion all over your body. Make sure you rub it in very nicely, as your skin should feel soft but not wet, sticky or damp.
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    Apply hand and foot cream to your hands and feet (obviously) and file any hard, cracked or dry skin away with a pumice stone, PedEgg or file.
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    After all of this, your body and you should feel amazing. For stubborn skin, do this once a week, but for gentler skin, try it once a fortnight to a month.


  • Shop around to find products that are suited for you. This could be your skin type, budget, brand or use.
  • For women - You could get your friends together and have a girly pampering night/sleepover for extra fun.
  • If you do this pampering treatment religiously, try using or swapping different products to get the best effects and use for you.
  • If you just do this the once, and don't want to (or forget to) do it again, your skin should still feel great the first time. This is a pampering treatment that is effective immediately, and you will definitely feel the results the day after.
  • Usually, if your products are from the same brand, you have better results. This isn't the be-all-and-end-all and is not always the case though.


  • As with all products, if you experience burning, itching or a rash, then take off the product immediately. If you suffer from an allergic reaction, stop using the product immediately too. Also, see your doctor/GP.
  • Don't do this treatment too often, or else your hair and skin will be stripped of their natural oils (that take care of your hair and skin when you don't). This will leave your hair and skin feeling limp, lank, greasy or dry and generally not very nice.

Things You'll Need

  • Any bath products to put in your bath
  • Incense and candles (optional)
  • Hair mask/oil
  • Face mask
  • Sugar scrub (face and/or body)
  • Moisturiser
  • Face scrub
  • Body brush
  • Body lotion
  • Hand and foot cream
  • A file, pumice stone or PedEgg

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