How to Give up Smoking Quickly

In order to give up smoking, you must truly want to. You have to see the serious health risks form continuing to smoke and also see the huge benefits from stopping. In this article you can read 5 tips to help you achieve your goals.


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    State a date that you are definitely going to stop and mentally prepare yourself for this big step. Tell all your family and friends that this is the day you and smoking part company. By making this commitment, you are more likely to succeed in your mission.
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    Observe your own smoking habits and routines. Notice when and where you are having a cigarette or other product. Is it as soon as you wake up with coffee or tea or when you're tired or stressed? Use your imagination to think of other activities you could do instead, for example deep breathing.
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    Start a whole new lifestyle. Start an exercise routine or new sport-- something to get enthusiastic about and take your mind off the urge to smoke.
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    Plan for the nicotine cravings; deep breathing is a great start but also keep yourself busy and occupied. Look into the possibility of using gum or patches if needed but make sure you take professional medical advice regarding their use.
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    Keep a positive mental outlook throughout. Keep emphasizing how great life will be when you no longer think of or feel you need to have a smoke. Think of the health benefits and the financial benefits. This will aid your determination.


  • It does get easier and when you do quit you will wonder why you ever started.

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