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Here are a few tips and steps for you to select the best gift for the occasion! If you don't know what to give to people, this guide is for you!

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    If you want to give great gifts to people, you must know them very well. Map their interests, find out all about their hobbies, learn about their cravings, and lifelong wishes that were never fulfilled. There is not one person on the world who doesn't enjoy doing something, so don't give up finding this activity.
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    If you have all this information collected, write it all down. Create a document on your computer, and write down every new hint of an enjoyed hobby or relaxation method. Things like John likes fishing in the mountain rivers. Or Jane enjoys having a bubble bath with candles. Now you'll know that a gift for John that's related to fishing will be appreciated, like a book about good locations, or a magazine subscription. Jane loves a bubble bath with candles, so you can buy her candles or meditative music, an aromatherapy gift set, or incense sticks. Whatever suits her personality.
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    Something that shows your appreciation for your love, your family and friends can be very touching. Try making something yourself. A photo montage, a painting, a statue, a poem, or a calendar with pictures taken together.
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    Try giving something that you brought from a place you visited together and liked very much. Or find objects that make them remember something beautiful.
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    Take them to a place you find breathtaking and spend a few days together so both (or all) of you can relax.
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    Make priorities. Create a numbered list of these items. Most enjoyed things come first, less liked but more useful come last. When you buy something for someone, make sure you make note not to buy the same gift again. This can be truly embarrassing.
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    Select gifts for different occasions. You can plan way ahead if you want. Presents related to their favorite activities and hobbies are better for birthdays, sentimental gifts are better for family occasions or anniversaries, relaxing gifts like a week in a spa, or skiing, are best for holidays like Christmas.
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    Buy things a few weeks before the occasion, make notes for yourself not to forget buying the items you want.
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    Nice wrapping is important! If you don't pay attention to the looks, the contents will not mean that much. You can ask for gift wrapping in most stores.
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    Put your personality in the gift too! Customizing the wrapping, or writing a cool gift card is not optional!


  • Observe what colors people like and dislike. A bad choice of color can ruin the whole present.
  • Give something that brings warm feelings and happiness to people! You can give fun objects too, just make sure you share the same sense of humor!
  • If you buy music, DVDs or these sorts of entertainment objects be sure to find out about people's taste. Don't buy horror to someone who likes romantic movies, and so on.
  • Have more than one idea, so if you find out they already have the thing you intended to buy, you'll have an alternative.


  • Don't give gifts that can be considered offensive or abusive in any way.
  • If you do give something, never ignore their taste. If you do, the whole thing will be a waste of time.
  • Don't give people gifts like ties or a pair of socks or something that looks like you picked up something that touched your hand in the store first. You better not give anything at all.
  • If they don't like it anyway don't worry. The problem is not in your television set. Some people just don't appreciate presents.

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