How to Give Great Party Tokens

Party tokens are often an expected part of children's parties but can also be something sought at theme parties for special events such as a wedding, a seasonal event, or a farewell, etc. Although there are no hard and fast rules on what to give as party tokens, it can be helpful to have some guidance.


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    Give children simple items that they'll enjoy instantly. Party tokens for kids are as endless as your imagination and the theme of the party. Some items suitable for children include:
    • Small toys - stores often have "party favor" bags of ready-made choices
    • Candies and savory treats such as chips
    • Glo-sticks
    • Miniature puzzles or jigsaws
    • Bubble mix and bubble blower
    • Pencils or markers
    • Erasers
    • Bouncy balls
    • Fart cushions and other tricks
    • Plastic animals
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    Give wedding party attendees a small token of appreciation. It doesn't need to big, you'll be spending enough money already. But it can be nice to provide some small items, such as:
    • A small cloth bag to place their piece of cake in, embroidered with your initials and tied up with a drawstring
    • A disposable camera to take shots of their viewpoint of the occasion
    • Wedding bubble mixture
    • Bonbonniere such as sugared almonds
    • Scented candle
    • Handwritten note of gratitude
    • Spice bundle
    • Fragrant soap
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    Think seasonal for events such as Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving. Tailor the party tokens to the occasion. For example, if you're thinking of chocolate tokens, give mini chocolate eggs for Easter, small chocolate Santas for Christmas, chocolate turkeys for Thanksgiving.
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    Keep the theme where you can. Coordinating the colors, the principal elements of the theme with your party tokens. This helps to boost the worth of the tokens and acts as a memento for the recipient.
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    Think environment. Recycle items where you can and keep the plastic junk element low or non-existent. In fact, if you're ultra concerned, give people party tokens that reflect your environmental cred, containing such things as seeds, recycled notepads, small books on how to be eco-friendly, sustainable timber products, locally sourced crafts, etc.


  • Always have extra tokens available in case extra guests arrive, or guests "misplace" their original tokens.

Things You'll Need

  • Suitable containers for the tokens
  • Theme
  • Party tokens

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