How to Give Flowers

Here are some tips for wrapping and delivering flowers.


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    Find a type of flower that suits the person who's receiving them.
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    Be Careful! Watch the florist give the flowers to you. If they shake them, the flowers might die due to shock.
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    Wrap them. Do not put them in a box. Not only is it not as attractive as wrapping them, the box prevents sunlight from reaching the flowers, causing them to wilt and die. Many people prefer to wrap them wrapped in plastic in a cone. Shape some wrapping paper (preferably a transparent sheet) into a cone ,following this add some tape, and gently insert the flowers into the cone. You might have to squeeze them in, but that's fine and you could mix them around until they look just right.
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    Add a to and from card. Cut a small piece of paper, punch a hole in it, add colorful ribbon, and tie.
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    Be very careful while delivering these. The flowers can get bent and twisted in the car or other mode of transportation. The best thing you can do is put them down on the floor very gently and drive carefully. Make sure you don't have any sharp turns and you don't drive over the limit. If possible you could hold them between your legs or have someone else in the car hold them. Make sure they are face-up and don't squirm to prevent them from bending and such.
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    Give them. Say "Hi ___! I brought you these flowers, hope you enjoy them!


  • If you want, you can pick a theme (ex; Jungle, spa)
  • Mix and match the flowers!
  • Know the meaning of the flowers.


  • Buy flowers suitable for their lifestyle. Don't buy flowers that are a danger to dogs, kids, etc.
  • Don't just drop off the flowers and leave; that's plain rude. Maybe you can chat a little while.
  • At a party, don't drop them. A person could step on them.
  • Ensure that the person you are giving the flowers to are not allergic to flowers!

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