How to Give Feedback to the wikiHow Team

Three Methods:Main SitewikiHow ForumswikiHow IRC room

wikiHow is a vibrant community of volunteer editors, backed up by a small staff. Have you seen something around the site or community that you want to provide feedback on? This article can give you a way to collaborate with others to get your ideas out there so the ideas can begin to get things done.

Method 1
Main Site

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    Ask experienced editors. Whether an Admin, a Booster, a staff member, or another community member, there are lots of people ready to share ideas and viewpoints in the community. If you want to bounce an idea off someone, selecting one individual can be a good way to start.
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    Ask a question on the Help Team page. Say something like "I have feedback about something about (a very brief synopsis of the area of feedback you'd like to give)". An example would be "I have feedback about a feature request for the Help Team page", to get the ball rolling with ideas. Be open to explain your feedback to the person who responds to the message.
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    Pose questions about pictures taken with the wikiHow watermark (seen in the bottom right corner of the photo) on the User:Wikivisual talk page. Make sure to give the article you found the photo in to the team, but be aware that the title is text-sensitive. Either use wiki-format for the titles (which omit the "How to") or use the link back to the page you saw.
    • If the picture doesn't have the watermark, things get a little more interesting, as you'll have to look through the History page to see if you can find the user who added the pictures, or, if you don't understand the History page, ask an Admin or New Article Booster to help you solve who did and ask the person they could mention yourself. They can pass on the information, but questions about "Why" should really be posed directly to the user themselves by the user who had the question.
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    Communicate with other members about wonderful articles by clicking the "Send fan mail" feature. This sends your message to all the users who collaborated on the page. You can find the link at the bottom of every article page. It really feels good to hear feedback about your work on wikiHow and how it helps people, so go ahead and let the authors know!

Method 2
wikiHow Forums

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    Pose your feedback in the wikiHow forums. Use the "Collaboration Corner" for the piece's category.
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    Report bugs in the system in the wikiHow forums. Use the "Bug Reports" category.
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    Pose new category discussions also in the forums. Use the "New Category Suggestions" feature and pose 5 articles that would best fit under the category you've asked about. These are routinely checked, but it could take a week or two for the Admin to help out with creation of the category in question.

Method 3
wikiHow IRC room

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    Use the wikiHow IRC chatroom to see what others feel of your ideas. Perhaps others feel the same way as you.


  • Have patience. Just because your discussion isn't answered, doesn't mean it wasn't seen. Every action you take is being seen by people who must look through every edit to check for quality.


  • It might not be easy to remember to keep your discussions civil "in the heat of the moment", but do try to keep your discussion posts civil here. Just because you think differently than others, doesn't mean that the feedback is wrong in any way; learn from mistakes and let others show you a different path.
  • Don't use swear words on any discussion. Keep any discussion post you begin in a "family friendly" format. There are younger (13 years old and older) members who are able to sign up (along with the few who are only able to read these pages who could be much younger than that) here that shouldn't be shown that swearing is acceptable in society (though there are a few who feel that swearing is accepted and will easily be persuaded to use it anyway).

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