How to Give Encouragement

Many of the greatest achievements begin with the empowering words of encouragement. When someone is feeling insecure, unsure, or apprehensive about taking constructive action or pursuing favorable opportunities, you should convey to them that you believe that they are capable and that their efforts are worthwhile.


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    Recognize the person's struggle. In order to provide effective words of encouragement, you should first determine what the difficulty is. Generalities suggesting that they can "work through it" are much less helpful than specifically addressing the issue that is holding them back.
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    Be positive. Because you want them to be more at ease with the prospect of doing something, you should indicate confidence in their abilities and focus on what can be accomplished and what potential benefits may be reaped by boldly taking action. Remind them of their previous accomplishments and what they gained because of their efforts.
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    Be sincere. Encouragement is most effective when you say things that you really mean. Undue flattery may produce unrealistic expectations and ultimately cause more harm than good. Honestly expressing your desire for the person to succeed and your expectation that the experience will be good for them can help motivate them to take action.
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    Inspire a healthy outlook. Assure them that their worth is not determined by the outcome of any given endeavor. Everyone experiences both success and failure in various ways throughout life; it is important to learn from both.


  • Everyone is different and is in need of different sorts of encouragement - just be yourself, but sometimes it takes time to figure out what love language the other person has.
  • Be specific in giving someone certain compliments that you feel are really true about them.
    • Think of something you feel the other person is really good at and compliment them on that.
    • See if there is a piece of clothing or a color that looks good on the other person, and tell them how great they look in that.
    • Think of what it is that you find so amazing about the other person and tell them that.
  • There are also numerous other ways of showing someone you appreciate them. You can make someone feel welcome in a group by talking to them and introducing them to others and in that way letting them into your circle of friends. If you are more into gifts you can show someone an encouragement by giving them a gift. You can encourage someone by giving them a hug or helping them with something.
  • Encouragement can be given in many different ways. For example, if you feel more at ease in writing encouraging words instead of saying them out loud you can send a card or an email.
  • Focus on the person you want to encourage. Give them your undivided attention. Smile and make eye contact. Speak in a friendly tone of voice, as it will sound more sincere and the person will be more receptive to your encouragement.

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