How to Give Credit to Staff

Giving credit to staff for their good performance and achievements is a very important part of maintaining a harmonious and happy workplace. Staff who feel recognized and appreciated tend to stick around, perform better, and feel loyalty to their role and workplace. The manner in which you give credit matters; if you're not used to doing this, here are some suggestions to get you started.


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    Note those people who work in your team. For each member, write down:
    • Three positive personal traits
    • Three positive work behaviors
    • Three positive outcomes of their work
    • Three ways in which they have helped you
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    Use this list to remind you regularly of the things that are good and solid about these people in your team. This is especially important when you feel irritated with or frustrated by less helpful or negative behaviors; remember the good and focus on the good.
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    Go out of your way to regularly give credit for the things written on the list. Even if the staff member is supposed to do the things on your last as a part of their job description, this is a valid behavior to emphasize because not every employee lives up to their job description.
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    Openly acknowledge staff involvement in reaching solutions, meeting deadlines, coming up with new ideas, etc. Take every opportunity to recognize staff efforts in the broader organization, such as at staff meetings, presentations with clients, meetings with the executive level boss, etc. People not only appreciate this broader recognition but they also trust you and that trust breeds.


  • When you see staff members handling difficult clients well, praise them immediately afterward and again in front of other staff members. Keeping clients satisfied is an important part of any business and staff who know how to do this effectively provide good role models for everyone else. Recognizing this and giving credit where it is due makes good business sense.

Things You'll Need

  • A notebook to record the good deeds you note, especially if you don't have time until later to give praise

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