How to Give Back to Others (for Kids)

Helping people less fortunate than you and making the world better are essential components to a happy life. It's true! You'll be surprised how great it feels to focus on the needs of others. It offers a sense of satisfaction you can't find any other way.


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    Donate used clothes and toys. Collect clothes and toys you no longer use and bring them to a local shelter where they accept donations. Talk to your parents about a local organization that will accept used items and show them your donations before giving anything away.
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    Brighten an elderly person's day. Singing, dancing, cracking jokes-whatever your talent is, take it to a nursing home. Many assisted living facilities have programs where young people can visit their residents. Ask your parents to help locate a home near you.
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    Bake for bucks. Choose a charity with your parents and then hold a bake sale outside your house to raise money for it. If you think you are a terrible cook, substitute lemonade.
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    Carry groceries. This may seem ridiculous and simple, but it is also a kind act. When you walk out of a store, look for someone who needs help with their groceries. This could be an older person or a mom with kids. Politely carry the bags to their car(make sure an adult you know is supervising). And don't worry if they don't take you up on it. It's the offer that counts.
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    Join a group doing good deeds. Find out about charitable activities at your school, church, or any organization you belong to, and join up. You will do good deeds and make new friends!


  • Make sure that before you give anything away, you really don't want it anymore.

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