How to Give Affection

Giving affection is something, which will make others and us see ourselves in a positive manner. You use charm and be chivalrous all at the same time, and may even become a role models to others. Giving affection is something important which will add something positive to our everyday lives. If you want to know how to give affection read step 1 to get started


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    Understand what type of affection you should give to certain people. What type of affection do they need at the moment?This is all extremely important. What can I do to show affection in the right way? Certain people need certain levels of affections, and it all depends.For example the affection you will give to your husband or your wife, would not be the same to a work partner.
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    Don't judge people. Sometimes we have this tendency to immediately judge people when they make a mistake. To be affectionate, this must stop. Whenever someone makes a mistake, or is a failure at something you should be empathetic and put yourself in their shoes. Why did they make that mistake? Instead of accusing them orientate them on how to not make that mistake next them. Develop a habit of looking at people in an understanding way.
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    Only share message which will transmit a positive vibe. Whenever you hear some "hot' gossip, which will only bring a piece of negative information you should, place it straight away in the freezer and cool it down. Whenever you send an email, or write something on Facebook etc try to write only inspiring message which uplift people. Nobody likes people which just know how to badmouth.
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    Compliment people. As long as they are sincere of course. Whenever you share a compliment, you show to other people that you notify the good in other people and this will also show that you are happy to yourself. This is because people who aren't fine with themselves usually mock at other people to make themselves feel better. Whenever you give a compliment, you will not only lift up their self-esteem, you will feel good too. In turn when someone gives you a compliment, return a comment graciously and with a compliment too.
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    Show empathy and pathos whenever you are having a conversation with someone. If they are sad, be sad with them and if they are happy be cheerful among with them. Sometimes during a conversation you don't always need a word of advice on hand, but you should always have an ear to listen and this may be hard for some of us. If you have an ear to listen, people will come to you whenever they need affection.
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    Join people in activities. Even if you don't like it. Of course, this doesn't mean you should do idiotic acts such as smoke and drink only because someone is asking you to. This is wrong. However if your partner is watching his favorite football match, watch it with him. If your friend is taking up ballet and is feeling shy, take it with her at least for a while until they begin to start building confidence. You may have the gracefulness of a bull in a china shop but sometimes we have to get out of our comfort zone to show affection.
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    Do for others what you want them to do for you. Would you like your mom to make your bed and do your laundry, why don't you do hers? This will surprise your mom and make her extremely happy. Why not join her for a day doing all the chores together? This way you will see, how exhausting it can be to provide for the family. This is of course an example and you should apply this type of affection to your situation.
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    Help around in your community. Go to the retirement homes and paint ladies nails and do their hair. Tell stories and join them in activities such as knitting. Go to your dog rescue centre and help taking care of animals such as dogs and cats. This is a very good way of showing affection.
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    Kiss and hug the people closest to you. Kissing actually creates a closer bond with your partner and at times decrease pain, you feel closer and this will be an act of affection.
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    Never stop giving affection. This isn't something you should do once or twice but should practice daily for the rest of your lives. People will soon see you as an admirable person, and remember: being affectionate is not being the latest AGONY AUNT on the block stroking everyone crying, it is someone who knows how to have fun and knows what to do when someone else is in a difficult situation!


  • When you give someone advice make sure you are following it too! Nothing is worse than trying to teach someone a moral when you don't know how to do it yourself!


  • Never insist on giving affection to someone if they wish to be alone. Sometimes it is best to give them space. They will come back to you if they need it

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