How to Give a Teenager's Bedroom a Vintage Makeover

Two Parts:Preparing for the vintage makeoverDoing the vintage makeover

If you've discovered that you like, maybe even love, all things vintage, it can be enjoyable to transform aspects of your room's décor to reflect this vintage passion. The great thing about using vintage as your décor theme is that it's usually very budget-conscious and you'll have a stack of fun locating items to use.

Part 1
Preparing for the vintage makeover

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    Clean up the room. Designate which furniture and items are no longer wanted. You could sell these in a yard sale or donate them for someone else to enjoy.
    • Remove modern things that are no longer functional, wanted or in good condition. While you will still need some modern things, such as your music player or a docking station, you can change enough things in the room for it to look vintage.
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    Know where to find vintage things. There are lots of places to rummage through and other places to check online to find affordable vintage items. Some suggestions include:
    • Check out auctions sites such as eBay. These will have vintage sections, such as for vintage linens, vintage furniture and vintage décor, etc. You can use the term "vintage" with any item you are looking to use. Check the condition, the price and the shipping cost, remembering that it's usually best to pick up furniture from local sellers (take your parents along with you).
    • Look in thrift stores, charity shops or opportunity shops. These stores usually have a variety of items and some of these may be just what you're after. Enjoy the shopping experience––it will be eclectic but entertaining.
    • Go to yard sales, garage sales, or look for freebie giveaways. These are great ways of finding very cheap items. Always check the quality and be wary of stains, rips and missing parts. Check furniture for signs of insect infestation. If something looks a bit off, smells bad or has bad vibes, don't get it.
    • Ask friends and family. You never know what people have stashed away in their attics or basements that they no longer want; they may be willing to give you things for free. Spread the word that you're making over your room in the vintage style and opportunities may just crop up.
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    Change the walls. If you're allowed to give the walls a makeover, you could add vintage-style wallpaper or paper banners, or repaint the room a new color, matched to the vintage era that interests you.
    • It's a good idea to borrow a book on the vintage era you like, to get the color and design ideas as accurate as possible.
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    Change the curtains. If it's okay with your parents, and you can find some nice vintage curtains, this will help to give your room an instant vintage feel.
    • Another alternative, if you can sew, is to make curtains of your own using vintage style fabric.

Part 2
Doing the vintage makeover

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    Focus on the bed. The bed can be made to look vintage in a variety of ways. Here are a few ideas for inspiration:
    • Change the bed cover. Use a lovely old quilt or one made using old-time fabrics. Or, you could purchase an old crocheted or knitted bed cover.
    • Find sheets with vintage prints on them, such as florals and pastels. Neutrals are good too, as they won't clash with the bed cover.
    • Choose old-fashioned cushions and pillows to decorate the bed with.
    • Throws are a nice vintage idea, or afghan blankets.
    Keep your mattress new. Vintage mattresses are likely to be a bit lumpy and may harbor pests.
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    Focus on the décor pieces. There are lots of possibilities for vintage pieces and accessories, some of which is about reinventing things to serve a new purpose. Some ideas for vintage décor includes:
    • Add floral lampshades
    • Make a display (and storage) row of vintage tins from chocolates, candies, cookies, etc.
    • Hang up old pictures or photographs
    • Find old advertising items, such as posters and toys
    • Use vintage jewelry to add a touch of nostalgia; hang it around the mirror, leave it on the dressing table
    • Use old figurines and china ware for display and for keeping things in
    • Purchase a vintage lamp or two. (Just ask your parents to check that the electrics are safe.)
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    Choose furniture pieces from the era. For example, while changing your bed might be too pricey and out of the question, a new bedside table, a small wardrobe or a chest of drawers might be doable. By having just a few key pieces, you can help give the impression that the whole room is vintage.
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    Add a few fairy lights for a nice touch. Although not vintage, they do help to set off the eclectic and fun atmosphere you've created for your room. Plus, they're just lovely to have.
    • Fabric bunting or garlands are nice too. A row of triangular flags made from old world fabric or blankets can be just the thing to add a sense of vintage to the room.


  • Use colors associated with the vintage era you're interested in. This can range anywhere from the psychedelic 60s to the vibrant fluorescents of the 80s or the timid pastels of the 50s to the browns and oranges of the 70s.
  • Play music from the vintage era that you like; this will add to the atmosphere.
  • If you also wear vintage clothing, consider getting a mannequin and hanging your clothing on that; change regularly. This will be a nice feature piece in your room.


  • Take care not to introduce insects such as moths or borers into your house from the vintage items.
  • Ask for permission from your parents, guardians or landlord before changing anything permanent.
  • Anything electrical that is vintage as well must be certified as being safe before you use it. Ask the retailer or seller to verify this and if in doubt, have your parents get it checked by a qualified electrician first.
  • Too much vintage can overwhelming. Use a conscious approach to your additions.

Things You'll Need

  • Good places to source vintage items from
  • Information about the vintage era that interests you

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