How to Give a Relaxing Massage in School

Students in IB are dedicated, diligent, and hard-working. But that doesn't mean that they're always happy-go-lucky or content because being part of the IB program and staying devoted to it, is definitely not glamorous or easy. Long hours of homework, studying, and the extra-curricular activities can put a strain on our mind and bodies as they're already put to the limit from demanding and rough AP and IB courses. With that, IB students almost never have a free moment to themselves leaving them sleep-deprived and stressed. We can't forget that these students have immense burdens on their backs also. Weighted down by heavy books, tense knots can form and be a distracting pain, not to mention it would be a detrimental health effect. That is why, allowing simple and gentle massages at school would be a great benefit to the students for their mind and their body.


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    Find the Right Timing. A crucial part about massaging during school is being able to give them at the right time. Scope out the room and see whether the teacher is looking, whether the teacher is busy, if the classroom has been granted permission to talk freely or, in the best cases, the teacher says, "Just relax guys." This usually happens during the last five minutes of class. Lean forward and give your friends or classmates a gentle and soothing massage to ease their day-to-day stress. If not, teachers sometimes turn the eye or find some humor to these things if they don't find it to be a disturbance or a distraction.
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    Ask for Permission. As soothing and comforting a massage can be, it's also rude if you start massaging your fellow IB'ers in the middle of class because your teacher could be in the middle of a lecture. Kindly ask the teacher for permission and make the reason justified by explaining that you or your friend's back has a painful knot making it hard to concentrate.
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    Know Your Teacher. If your teacher is strict and uptight, don't initiate a massage, especially if you're on their bad side. If your teacher is easygoing and sympathetic, then you know it's okay.
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    Be Gentle. Everyone's different and they can all be just a little bit sensitive. Start out gentle and only increase more pressure in the massage when they ask. Don't massage too aggressively as this can hurt the student being massaged.
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    Soothe, Don't Distract. Physical contact usually leads to talking. Make sure you only soothe and massage so that teachers can't find an excuse to stop it.
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    Massage in the Right Positions. Go for shoulder and middle back massages as these are the easiest places to reach. Seating arrangements have their upper back facing towards you. This is also where the knots are found because of heavy backpacks.
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    Massage in a Comforting Way. Place your hands on both shoulders and almost fold them as if they were cupping the shoulders. Gently start rubbing and massaging. This creates a releasing and soothing feeling in their shoulders and also creates a pleasant radiation. In-between, form your hands into fists, hold them up in the direction as if they could punch the sky, and use the end of the fist (the pinky ends not the thumb ends) to gently beat their backs. It creates a rhythmic and relaxing sensation in a reduced version of a massage chair.
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    Be Relaxed Also. Your friends and classmates shouldn't be the only ones to receive massages. After you're done with giving massages, ask for one in return or simply ask the person behind you for one. Make sure that they are your friends though as you don't want to freak them out with random massages.


  • Stretch arms out before massaging so that your arms don't get cramps.
  • Have your classwork or notes in front so that you can multi-task of massaging and paying attention in class.


  • Don't massage if the teacher does not like you.
  • Don't get distracted by massaging. Keep up on note-taking and pay attention.
  • Don't talk or be a distraction to other students. The teacher may not let you massage again.
  • Don't massage too often. This makes your classmate rely on you and it make get tiring.

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