How to Give a Horse a Registered Name

If you want to race, show, or breed your horse, a good registered name makes all the difference. If your horse makes it into the record books, you want him to remembered with a good name.


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    Check with the registry. Some breed-specific registries have very strict guidelines; it's much easier to consider these rules from the outset than have to change your horse's name later.
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    Think about what's important about your horse's name. Do you want a snappy, attention-getting name, the kind that will look great on ads? Or are you looking for one that reflects something about you or your horse? You may even want to establish a pattern for naming all the horses you own. If your horse already has a barn name, you may want his registered name to be a more elaborate form of that.
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    Start brainstorming ideas. The following can be good sources for names:
    • Look around at other horses' registered names. You may get some ideas.
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    Consider common phrases or expressions, especially those that have some similarity to you or your horse.
    • Look at his pedigree. There are usually common words or themes in the horse's names that will help you decide what you would like your horses name to be. Also, many horse's names contain parts of one or both parent's names.
    • Consider borrowing words or phrases from foreign languages.
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    Make sure that the name will suit your horse. Special considerations include:
    • his appearance: Midnight Magic won't be a good match for your chestnut gelding.
    • his personality: Steady Eddy might seem weird attached to a wild stallion.
    • practicality: Will show announcers be able to pronounce your horse's name? This is especially important if your horse will be a part of your business, as clients need to be able to remember the name and spread the word easily.


  • Most registered names follow the format "Adjective + Noun," although this is not required.


  • If you are choosing a name from a foreign language, check its meaning! A lot of words have negative connotations; it may be in your best interest to consult with a native speaker before committing to a name.

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