How to Get Your Washington Real Estate License

Three Parts:Taking the ClassesTaking the ExamApplying for the License

As of 2010, Washington's real estate agents are all brokers. This means a heightened level of supervision for new real estate salespeople, as all contracts are managed through brokerage firms.[1] To become licensed as a real estate broker in Washington, you must complete 90 hours of coursework and pass an exam.

Part 1
Taking the Classes

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    Asses your readiness. Before you sign up for courses, make sure you have the educational background required to apply for a license. You must be at least 18 years old, and have a high school diploma or GED.[2] You must have several hundred dollars in disposable income to pay for 90 hours of courses and a licensing exam.
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    Enroll in a state-approved class. The Washington State Department of Licensing lists some of the approved courses online. You might also find a class more convenient for you at a local community college or university, or through on online agency. If you aren't certain a class is approved, call the Department of Licensing (360-664-6505) during office hours (8:30-4:30, M-F).[3]
    • Expect to pay $200-300 per class.
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    Do your coursework. You have two years to take and pass 90 hours of coursework. You will take a 60 hour real estate fundamentals course, and 30 hours of real estate practices. Your schedule and exact syllabi will depend on the school you are using.
    • You can expect to learn about contract laws, property ownership rights, fair housing laws, and the process of buying, pricing, marketing, and selling property. [4]

Part 2
Taking the Exam

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    Register as a student. Washington uses a testing vendor called AMP. Register with them before you finish your classes. When you are finished with class, your school will alert the testing vendor that you are eligible to take the exam. To register, visit "," click on the "Portals" tab, select "Washington Student User," and follow the registration instructions.[5]
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    Study for your exam. Your exam will have a national and a state portion. Taking your classes is not enough to ensure that you will pass your exam. Study the form of the test as well as the probable content for best results. You can study by taking free practice tests online, or purchasing a self-guided exam prep guide that includes practice exams.[6]
    • Buy exam-prep books, but make sure they are current: tests change every year, so an old copy is unlikely to benefit you.
    • Sign up for a Washington Real Estate test prep class at an online university.
    • Study with your former classmates. Make vocabulary cards, or come up with quiz questions and quiz one another.
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    Sign up for your exam. When your classes are complete, you can schedule and purchase your exam. Register online with AMP, or call to schedule by phone.[7] Be prepared to pay $138.25 to register.[8]
    • You can waive your exam fee if you are a US veteran..[9]
    • To change your exam date, call the AMP office at least 1 business day prior to the exam date.[10]
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    Bring proper identification. To take the exam, you will need two current forms of identification that include your current name and signature. At least one must include a photograph. A driver's license, passport, or state id would serve.[11]
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    Take the exam. You will have three and a half hours to complete the exam. Your exam is 140 questions, 100 about national real estate law and 40 specific to Washington. Each question is multiple choice. Make smart guesses if you aren't sure what the answer is.
    • You will get your score as you leave the center.[12]
    • If you fail the first time, you will be given six months to retake the exam.
    • If you only fail one section, you will only have to retake that section.[13]

Part 3
Applying for the License

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    Get your criminal background check. After you pass your test, you will be given a fingerprinting card to take to any fingerprinting service approved by the Washington State Patrol. Keep your card clean and unbent in an envelope or folder, as you will need to include it with your license application.[14]
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    Apply for your license within 12 months of passing your exam. Fill out the application at the Washington State Department of Licensing website.[15] The application is available here:
    • You can mail your completed application, a check or money order for $146.25, and your fingerprints back to the department at "Department of Licensing, PO Box 3917, Seattle, WA 98124-3917"[16]
    • Your exam results will expire after twelve months, so be sure to apply for your license before that time. Otherwise, you will have to retake the exam.
    • As long as all your paperwork is in order, you should receive your license as soon as your background check clears.
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    Take continuing education classes. After becoming a licensed Washington Real Estate broker, you must take classes to stay up to date. Your first renewal includes a 30-hour Advanced Practices Course, a 30-hour Real Estate Law Course, and 30 hours of approved continuing education, including a 3-hour Core Course.[17]
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    Re-apply in two years. Once you are a licensed Washington Real Estate broker, you have your license for two years. You can renew it online, at the office, or by mail.[18] Your renewal must include information on your continuing education courses.

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