How to Get Your Signature Word

Have you ever seen someone at school or on TV who has a 'signature word'? A word they would randomly say to make you crack up? Have you ever wanted a signature word of your own? Keep reading for detailed instructions on how to make one for yourself.


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    Want a unique word? Think of a word that you like. This word should be fairly unique, so that people who hear it will know that it's your word. For example, 'cool' isn't a good signature word, because everybody says it. To find a unique word, look up unique words on-line, or pick a random word such as 'kumquat' or 'cornucopia'.
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    Want a word that describes you? Write down ten or more words that describe you. Once you have a list, get a thesaurus (or use an online version) to see what other related words may have a better 'feel' for you. You may also find one that more accurately describes what you were trying to to get to when you made your list!
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    Want a weird word? What would Sheldon Cooper be without his catch phrase? Find weird words like 'hullabaloo', 'palimpsest', etc. Look up words that mean something funny.
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    See if it will catch on. Say it randomly during a conversation with your friends. If they ask you what just happened, repeat your word. If they don't think that it suits you, you may want to find another word. If they laugh, congratulations! You've found your signature word!


  • Have fun with it.
  • Say it at random times.
  • Make your word wacky and crazy it will be funnier.


  • People may steal your word and take credit so be prepared. Tell a friend that its your word so he/she can back you up.
  • Do not say it constantly, it is very annoying. Pick key times to say it, so that it will be really funny

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