How to Get Your Online Degree Without Stress

Stress can cause health problems and make existing problems worse. Signs of stress include headaches, irritability, depression, anxiety, fatigue, sore and stiff muscles, and even high blood pressure. Getting your online can be stressful, but there are some things that you can do to reduce the amount of stress in your life while you attend college. To get your online degree without stress, follow the steps below.


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    Choose the right degree program. Choosing a program where you will be able to study something in which you are interested will help to decrease the amount of stress caused by your specific classes. When selecting a program, keep these things in mind:
    • Your interests. Studying is less stressful when you are studying a subject in which you are interested. Think about the types of things that you enjoy learning about. Do you love math? Perhaps a career in bookkeeping or accounting is best for you. Do you love the law? Maybe a career as a legal secretary or paralegal is the best choice.
    • The type of work you would like to do. Some of the things you enjoy learning about may not be subjects, which would help you find work that you enjoy. For example, if you love math, but would hate sitting at a desk staring at numbers, perhaps an accounting career is not for you.
    • Your skills and natural abilities. When you choose to study in an area where you naturally excel, obtaining your degree will be easier and therefore less stressful.
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    Get all the financial aid that you can. Worrying about money can be stressful and college costs quite a bit of money. You can reduce the amount of stress getting your degree causes, by getting all the free or low interest money that you can. To find grants and low interest rate loans, check with some of these financial institutions:
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    Use a day planner. Turning in assignments late and missing meetings can be stressful. When you can see due dates and work schedules written out in a daily planner, it is easier to stay on track and not miss anything important.
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    Stick to a schedule. Because online classes do not meet at specific times, and students attend school whenever they like, it may be difficult to stay caught up. Falling behind in class causes stress and can lead to bad grades, which can cause more stress. Having a schedule, and sticking to it, can help. Write one out at the beginning of each week. When making out your weekly schedule:
    • Schedule regular breaks. Taking scheduled breaks will give you opportunities to relax and take your mind off work or school for a few moments, but if they are not included in your schedule, you will likely fall behind; so be sure to schedule regular breaks.
    • Be sure to give yourself enough time for each task. Give yourself plenty of time for each class. It is better to schedule too much time, then not enough.
    • Be realistic. If your schedule is too rigid, you will likely not follow it. Make it realistic to follow.
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    Exercise. According to Harvard Medical School, regular aerobic exercise can help reduce stress, so schedule in a jog, time to play a sport, or a trip to gym 3-4 times a week[1].
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    Have fun. Having fun reduces stress [2]. So get up and get out and do something fun! Go to a concert, invite some friends over, or see a play.
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    Ask for help. Trying to do too much can cause a great deal of unnecessary stress. Do not be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Have someone else run the meeting, cook dinner, or wash the laundry. Friends, family, children, and spouses can be good resources. If you need to hire a housekeeper or someone to mow the lawn, hire them!

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