How to Get Your FCC General Radiotelephone Operator License at Home

This article will show the steps required to pass the exams for the "General Class Radiotelephone Operators License" qualifying you to operate, adjust, and maintain communication equipment for police vehicles, aircraft, marine radio and radar equipment, radio stations, and many more. There are many types of licenses, so read and choose carefully. There is also a "radar endorsement" you can add to the license.


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    Go to the website for the Commercial Radio Operator License Program. Read about who needs what kind of license, and find information on obtaining the licenses.
    • This license is class PG.
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    Select "Licensing Examinations" to see which exam elements you will have to study. Look at the license comparisons chart to determine exactly which license you will need and the required elements for your selected license. Note that the required exam elements 1 and 3 have to be passed for the PG class of license.
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    Learn about each element of the exam. For this license, your required elements include Element 1, "Basic Radio Law and Operating Practice," and Element 3, "General Radiotelephone Electronic Fundamentals." If you plan to work onboard marine vessels, you should also consider adding element 8, "Radar."
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    Download the study materials. Scroll down to the bottom of the Examinations page and select "Examination Questions Pool." Download the elements you've targeted for study. In this case, download the material for Element 1 and Element 3. (Include Element 8 if you've decided to do the Radar element as well.)
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    Study the elements slowly until you've mastered all aspects. Don't look for outside information if you have questions or want another perspective, take practice tests only from the Examination Questions Pool, as shown above, to help cement your knowledge. The FCC uses only the question pools to make up the element tests.
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    Schedule your examination. When you've mastered the practice material and you're ready to take the written examinations, go back to the Examinations page and select "Testing Managers, Locations, Schedules, and Fees". You can set up your examination time and location here.


  • The FCC web page is not easy to navigate, so go slowly and precisely in verifying which elements to study.
  • Ignore the heading "Telegraphy Examination Elements" element 1 and 2, unless you need or want to learn Telegraphy Code.

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