How to Get Voted Captain

No matter what you want to be a captain of; football, tennis, chess club, fishing, etc., here are some tips on getting there.


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    Make sure you know the material. This would include the rules, moves, names of equipment, etc. That way anyone with a question can come to you.
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    For sports, make sure you are flexible. Flexibility can help prevent sore and pulled muscles. Watching everyone else play isn't very fun and won't get you anywhere.
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    Be full of energy and outgoing. If a pep band plays, listen. Their job is to get everyone pumped up and ready to kick butt! Same goes with the cheerleaders. They get the crowd cheering you on!
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    Smile. If you're happy, teammates will see this. You will show a positive attitude that is contagious and makes you look good. If you're not in a very good mood, try not to show it. Your mood affects your performance as well, so put a smile on!
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    Be nice to everyone. They're the people who will be voting for you. Every vote counts!
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    Be confident. If you feel confident, you will be confident. Confidence is appealing and is a good trait to have.
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    Be friends with the current captain(s). Observe them to see what makes a good captain. Look up to them and see how they got voted. Do they have a certain skill? Its always good to know, and another friend doesn't hurt.
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    Be the best player you can be. Try your hardest at a game, meet, even practice. Your teammates will see this and they will see how hard you work. A hard worker is a trait of a good captain.
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    Keep order. Tell people to stop talking when they shouldn't be. Get teammates to cheer for others and wish everyone good luck when going out.
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    Sometimes people will campaign to be elected captain- do not do this. People vote for the players they relate to and think are genuinely kind, not just putting on an act to win captain. Make sure you aren't too eager, but also make sure you are friendly and kind to the other players!
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    Help the newbies. Helping the new kids creates a bond between you and then so they look up to you. It shows that you can be a good captain.
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    Show the coach that you are very responsible and can lead the group to a victory.
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    If you do become captain, don't feel upset or annoyed with your team if you feel they are not being good teammates. They are most likely reflecting your behavior so try to be as cooperative and kind as possible. This does not mean you can not be firm with your teammates if some or one of them is really doing something wrong. You may think that your whole team will hate you for being the "mean" captain, but a lot people will actually respect you more.


  • Get ready for the season ahead of time so you can do your best and you're not so tired after the first day.
  • Watch the coach and listen to him or her.
  • If you don't get to be captain, don't worry. Help out the captains as much as you can without taking their place.
  • Think of others.
  • Eat healthy to increase performance.
  • Be nice to the coach. They're there to help you.
  • Don't be a suck up to the coach, the coach might like it, however, others may not.
  • Don't try to be a favourite.


  • You may not become a captain. But, even if you don't, you should still participate and do your best. Remember, captain is just a title. It doesn't describe who or what really leads a team. You should be captain-like regardless of whether you actually are a captain or not.
  • Don't get cocky! People go for confidence not arrogance.
  • Do not be overbearing as a captain: remember, your teammates looking up to you is enough-don't look down at them.

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