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    Explore part of LA's background.
    • Unlock Los Angeles in Classic mode.
    • The are four rails near the starting point of the stage that cause a tremors, grinding all four of them causes the overpass (or highway) to collapse. (One of these rails goes through the small building, one to the left of the building and two are to the right of the building.)
    • Get on top of the building near the overpass then jump on it.
    • There is a ramp on the overpass that leads to a building top, jump this ramp to get on top of the building.
    • Once on top of this building, hit "Pause", hit "Your options" and hit "Set Restart". Then Pause again and hit "Retry Level". This will restore the overpass.
    • Now pause and hit "Go to Restart" under "Your options." You will now be able to jump onto the unfallen overpass, do so.
    • If you've noticed, going right knocks you out of bounds, but going left just hits an invisible wall that does nothing to you. However, there are cars that just pass right through it. If you grab on to one of the bummers (or skitch) of these cars, so will you. You will now be able to explore part of LA's background.
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    Get to the "glitched" building.
    • Make a left after going off the ramp. Keep going until you see a liver building. When you see it, go under it and get off your board. Then jump, you are now in a really weird glitch that you can not get out of without going to restart point or restarting current level.


  • Instead of going to the building, try other spots of the backgroundLA glitch.
  • Set your restart to the very beginning of the glitched area to save time so you can explore.

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