How to Get to Sleep When It's Very Late

Many people suffer from insomnia or difficulty falling/staying asleep. This problem can cause daily life to be more difficult than necessary. The good news is that there are ways to combat insomnia without taking any sleeping pills.


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    Drink something warm before bed. This can be a drink of your choice, but make sure it is decaffeinated. Some good options for this are warm milk or herbal teas such as chamomile or peppermint. Do not drink too quickly as the point is to calm yourself down.
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    Find a comfortable position and do not move. Once you are lying in bed, get into the position you would like to sleep in and do your best to stay in that spot. By not moving, you can trick your body into thinking you are asleep and therefore can fall asleep much easier. The key to this is to ignore any messages that your brain is sending out telling you that something itches or that something is slightly uncomfortable. Every time you choose to move, you send a message back to your brain saying "I am still awake!"
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    Find a sound that is relaxing to you. Some options for this are:
    • Music - Try listening to something soft and slow such as children's lullabies or classical instrumentals.
    • Talking - Get an audio book (preferably one you are not horribly interested in) and let it run softly in the background while you sleep.
    • ASMR - Find a YouTube video featuring sounds such as crinkling, whispering, scratching, or rolling to help occupy your brain. Wearing headphones and listening to these sounds move around your head can really take your mind off of things that are cluttering it.
    • White noise - Use a fan or a radio tuned to an empty station to create a calming sound that many people enjoy.
    • Nature - Get a soundtrack of your favorite nature sounds. Birds, rain, crickets, and the ocean are all very calming. If it is a nice night, you could even open the window and listen to what is going on right outside.
    • Silence - Sometimes all you need to relax is pure silence. Turn everything off. Even hibernating computers make noise that is audible when there is nothing else around.
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    Make your sleeping area as dark as possible. Use dark curtains and unplug anything that is shining light. If you don't want to make your room completely dark, you could also try using a sleep mask.
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    Meditate - Try taking some time to relax and think. During this time you should do your best to not have distractions. If you don't know how to meditate or you need a bit of help to do it, try looking up some guided meditations.
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    Dress comfortably. If you know that you will wake up to take your socks off, save yourself the trouble and take them off before bed. Dress in something that won't irritate you with issues like rolling pant legs or tight sleeves. Sometimes it is better to wear less and use more blankets as you will feel less restricted while you sleep.


  • If you tend to get really caught up in songs you like, try listening to music you don't know.
  • Although it is not the best option, you can also play a TV show or Movie as your relaxing sound.
  • You don't have a sleep mask? Use a bandanna, or a shirt you have, that is capable of being wrapped around your head.
  • Many times, insomnia (both short term and long term) is caused by a shortage of Melatonin in the body. Try taking a Melatonin supplement when you are having trouble sleeping. Always make sure you have enough time for a full night's sleep before taking it.


  • Television, computer, phone, and other similar screens can deplete your body's Melatonin levels. Stay away from these items before bed if you have a hard time sleeping.

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