How to Get to Koh Chang

Here are some suggestions for fun and affordable ways to get to the sunny island of Koh Chang, Thailand.


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    Fly to Bangkok Airport. If you are flying from the west, fly via Mumbai airport, and Kuala Lumpur from the east. This is a little known secret that will reduce your overall flight costs. For your stay at the airport, it is recommended that you:
    • Keep belongings close.
    • Be punctual and organized.
    • Take hand luggage (if possible), to avoid long queues.
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    Stay at Bangkok overnight. Grab a nice hotel to recharge your batteries. There are plenty of great hotels for a good price, especially if booking well in advance. Then enjoy the nightlife! It's an experience that is probably quite different from anything you've seen.
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    Get a coach to Trat. This is a long journey, around 6 hours, but is necessary. Bring lots of water as it will get hot, and enjoy the views of rural Thailand. There are plenty of services in Bangkok, and make sure you book online from home (this might come as part of holiday package or deal).
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    Travel to docks. When arriving in Trat coach station, there will be Tuk Tuk's (which are a lot of fun). This will take you on a 10 minute journey to the dock, which is included in the coach price. You will find several tourists on the same journey to the docks as you.
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    Get the ferry across to Koh Chang. Make sure you check when the last ferry is! This is crucial as you do not want to be stuck in Trat overnight, so plan your journey accordingly, and get to the ferry with plenty of time to spare just in case. The ferry costs next-to-nothing and takes around 20 minutes to get to the north side of Koh Chang.
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    Arrive at Koh Chang. Get a taxi to your hotel/resort. The best resorts are on White Sand Beach, definitely book your hotel here. Also make sure to go to Siam Beach. Taxis are cheap and fit up to eight people. The best resort in the area is "Koh Chang Kacha". Other locations recommended near White Sand Beach are:
    • Paddy's Palms Pub
    • 15 Palms
    • One Nightclub; and
    • Monkeys Bar & Restaurant.


  • In Bangkok, use the tram service to get around. It is cheap and easy to navigate (the taxis are a nightmare).
  • Bring water when travelling.


  • Being found in Thailand in drugs is a life sentence, so never leave bags unattended in case someone plants drugs on you, as this is a serious problem in Thailand.

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