How to Get to Brookline's Coolidge Corner on the MBTA

Located in Brookline, Massachusetts, Coolidge Corner is a family friendly neighborhood close to Boston, Massachusetts. It's a predominantly Jewish area that's host to several small stores and restaurants, as well as a not for profit art house movie theater. The MBTA Green Line train has a stop labeled "Coolidge Corner" on it's transit line.


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    Depending on which direction you are coming from as, for instance, the Red, Blue or Commuter Line, take an inbound train that will get you to the Red Line, which is situated between Braintree and Alewife.
    • Park Street is the name of the stop in which you need to depart for Coolidge Corner.
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    Upon arriving at Coolidge Corner, make sure you take the "C" train, which is called "Cleveland Circle", which will take your through Brookline. The intended destination is "Coolidge Corner".
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    At your intended destination, you will see a Walgreen's Pharmacy directly ahead of you, as you will be located between Beacon and Harvard streets.


  • Excepting MBTA parking, which costs $5.00, a one way fare on the Charlie Ticket system costs $2.00. These disposable cards can be refilled at Charlie Ticket systems at every station. The Green Line cars accept these cards as the routes of these cars travel through the suburbs to pick up passengers. The Charlie Card is another MBTA card that resembles a credit card, and costs $1.70 for regular users. These can be acquired by the attending employee at the Charlie Ticket kiosks, free of charge and filled at the kiosk.


  • Check the MBTA schedule. Typically, the car's last run is between 12:00AM to 12:50AM.

Things You'll Need

  • Depending on where you're traveling to: bring cash for the system.

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