How to Get the Rock Chic Style

Three Methods:Clothing, Shoes and AccessoriesHair, Make-up and BeyondThe Attitude

You don't need to be a rock chick to have rock chic style. Though adapted from 50's rock 'n' roll fashion, rock chic has come into it's own by picking up cues from hippie, glam, grunge and goth cultures along the way. Today rock chic is no frills and romantic, conservative and daring all at once. Here are some different ways to make the rock chic style your own.

Method 1
Clothing, Shoes and Accessories

There isn't one way to achieve the rock chic look. Different options will work for different people - and different closets.

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    Think black. Nothing says rock 'n' roll cool like dark colors. It's all about the mindset from which the look comes from: with dark colors, you don't need to be concerned about getting a little dirt on your shirt... and you don't welcome too much attention at first glance.
    • Dark colors ooze that rock mentality you're carefree and street smart. Think of black as a base to mix with other colors and elements.
    • Perhaps black lace over something or by itself, or a mainly black or dark outfit that cleverly incorporates a bold print.
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    Find the balance between grunge and glam. Rock music originally started as an alternative to a conservative 50's culture, bursting out with bold lines and styles in a subtle way.
    • Over time new ways to look alternative developed - in the 80's this meant glam and in the 90's a bit more grunge. Think about the contrast between the style of David Bowie and Nirvana.
    • Try mixing glittery heels with an oversized sweater, or chunky colorful rings with a plaid shirt. Understated black boots with loud, creatively shaped pants.
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    Go beyond traditional fabrics and materials. Your top priority here is leather, lace and metal.
    • Leather adds a badass quality to your look, whereas lace can soften and romanticize a style that is already severe. Metal should be used as an accent where possible.
    • Don't use the typical ribbon bow as a fashion belt, try a metal-studded or chain belt instead.

Method 2
Hair, Make-up and Beyond

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    The make up you choose to wear will depend on your outfit. Use your hair and make-up to temper the direction you went with your outfit by choosing a balancing theme.
    • If you've really gone for the tough look with your clothes, you'll want to balance it out with minimal make up and a more relaxed hair style.
    • If you've gone a bit softer with your outfit, then you'll want to try a bolder hair style with smokey eyes or a dark lip color.
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    Your make-up and hair should balance out the outfit, but you also want to keep the hair and make-up itself balanced.
    • If you're rocking a mohawk, you don't need to paint your face. If you're all about dark lips, try to keep the look soft elsewhere. You don't want people to be distracted (in a bad way) by your look.
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    Consider body modifications. Body modification is a growing trend in rock fashion and beyond.
    • The right tattoo and/or piercing can really add an interesting edge to your look, even changing your approach to your own closet.
    • Observe how other people pull off these looks and consider what will work best given your aesthetic sense and your body.

Method 3
The Attitude

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    Carry yourself with a confident, cool bearing. Your rock chic style won't be complete without the right attitude.
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    Walk into your look appropriately – you should be confident with your style choices, your edgy personality and your know-how. Elvis wouldn't let someone walk all over him and you shouldn't either.

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