How to Get the Right Surfing Accessories and Equipment

One of the great things about surfing is the freedom you have while in the surf. At the very least all you need is a surfboard and a beach with waves. however, you will find there are a few accessories and pieces of equipment that will improve your surfing, make your surfing more enjoyable and help you look after your surfboard. I'll tell you what you need in surfing.


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    Get surfboard bags. Surfboard bags are an absolute necessity to protect your surfboard from dings, chips, cracks, and general damage. Surfboard bags range from lightweight covers to standard padded day bags, to heavy padded travel bags. A padded day bag is the most popular bag and will provide your surfboard with a protective cover while you are transporting or storing your surfboard. Most quality board bags will have a silver protective side which is designed to reflect the sun, plus wax and fin pocket on the inside of the bag and shoulder strap for easy handling.
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    Get grips. Grips are placed on the deck of your surfboard at the tail end to do exactly that.... give extra grip. Once your surfing develops you will start to get more power and drive into your turns which are driven by your back foot. However as a beginner you will not benefit from a grip as an advanced surfer would, you will find a grip is great for your foot placement. You will clearly feel the patterned, grippy rubber when you plant your back foot on the grip and you will know your back foot is positioned in the right place. Grips come in a range of colors and patterns, they should be positioned just above the legrope plug on the deck of your surfboard.
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    Get leg-ropes. Leg-ropes come in a rage on lengths. What you need to consider when purchasing a Leg-rope is: 1. The size of the surf you usually surf in, the bigger the surf usually means the longer and heavier your leg-rope should be. 2. How big you surfboard is, longer surfboards with more weight require longer legropes. You will find as a beginner the most suitable leg rope will be one that is described as standard or regular and is roughly the same length as your surfboard. Most good quality legropes will have double swivels to help avoid curling of the cord, padded ankle cuff for extra comfort and a key pocket. Legropes are attached to your surfboard by a string that is looped around the legrope plug at the tail end of your surfboard. It is important to remember that legropes DO break, have regular checks of your leg rope and look for small cuts in the cord. Also, after a while the cord will become fully stretched and lose it elasticity, this means your surfboard will not return to you as easily. If your leg-rope does become fully stretched consider purchasing a new one.
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    Get waxing equipment. A common mistake by beginner surfers is not having enough wax on their surfboard. You should wax the deck of your surfboard from the tail or top of your grip to approximately eye level. Apply your wax by rubbing circles to form small beads. Once you have good coating of wax you will not have to apply wax every surf, however it is a good idea to have a wax comb which you can comb through the wax to rough up your wax and get to the fresher wax underneath the top shine.
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    Get soft racks. Soft racks are a removable roof rack. They are a specially designed padded rack that strap around the roof of your car and allow you to easily transport your surfboard. They come in single or double racks, are quick and easy to install and are a much cheaper alternative than a permanent roof rack.


  • Make sure you get this stuff when you know how to surf.

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