How to Get the Partied All Night Look

Want to look like you've partied the night away, but don't want the blotchy face or massive hangover? Read on...


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    Get the hair. If you've partied all night, you'll have been sweating, and sweaty hair + dancing = messy hair that stays that way unless you wash it. To stay clean, you can use a texturizer. That is, a texturizing hair product which gives your hair, well, texture. Use the product on all of your hair and just mess it up really well. You can even shake your head about to your favourite song if you want. The point is to make sure you don't look the least bit polished or pulled-together. You have to stay out of place, but in an attractive way. Alternatively, you can spritz some hairspray all over and mess your hair up.
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    Get the face. You won't want to have a completely matte complexion, so use a bit of highlighter on your forehead, bridge of your nose, apples of your cheeks and brow bone. Just don't go overboard. Also, you'll want a dewy complexion because if you've been dancing the night away, as with any other form of exercise, you'll be flushed and glowing. So perhaps a slightly shimmery powder or tinted moisturizer might work as well. Using a pinkish blush, sweep blush on the apples of your cheeks so you'll look flushed but not blotchy.
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    Get the eyes. This is the fun bit. The typical party look is heavy on eye makeup, but the partied all night look calls for looking like you've worn it for quite some time, so it can't be perfect. First, put some dark eyeshadow on your lids, but not past the crease of your eyelids. Be sure to blend really well so the colour fades out. Line your eyes with pencil eyeliner, in black or brown. I highly recommend black, though. Pencil because it has the best potential for blending and smudging. Thus, do not use liquid eyeliner or gel eyeliner. Line both your upper eyelids and your lower lid. Concentrate most of the eyeliner at the outer corners of your eye. Using your finger or a brush, smudge the eyeliner outwards. Line your bottom lash line with eyeliner, and then with a q-tip, gently blend it so it looks smudgy and smokey, and as if you didn't try at all. Or you could always rub your eyes gently to make it look like you've gotten it smudged. Just be sure not to end up looking like someone punched you in the eye. Also, pile on the mascara and even falsies if you want.
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    Get the lips. You'll have pout, slightly swollen lips if your partying involved kissing lots of boys, so use a tinted lip balm or a lip plumper. Lip gloss would not have stayed on overnight and would look as if you're going for trying to look like this (which is not what we want. we want it to look effortless and like you just rolled out of bed with perfectly messy makeup). You don't have to paint it on perfectly. Just a few swipes will do, but the key is for your lips to look full from all the laughing and smooching and drinking you've done.
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    Get the clothes. To look like you've really partied, wear trendy clothes that are club-worthy, but choose a worn-out style, like an off-shoulder slouchy top with skinnies, basically anything that you can tweak to make you look like an attractive mess. Your shoes should be high heels. The most inappropriate to go dancing, but the most popular choice nonetheless, so you'll have to go with it and break out the strappy black stripper heels.
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    Get the attitude. To add the cherry on your partied-all-night ice cream sundae, you have to act the part. Maybe you could skip the drugged, hungover or unconscious look. Instead, you should be a tad dazed, a lot giggly and overall, exhausted but happy. Most people are after a night of well-deserved hard partying.


  • If you're looking for authenticity, you could reek of alcohol by splashing some on your wrists as you would with perfume? Just kidding. (But hey, if you do go ahead and do that, tell me how it went!).


  • Could get you in a lot of trouble with your parents, especially if you're not legal, and tomorrow's a school night.

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