How to Get the Most Effective Diet

Old diets Not working? Try getting the most effective diet; it's proven to work, apparently. Just remember it is not a quick fix but does work whatever your weight loss goal, dietary requirements, age, gender, overall health and level of activity. Get the most effective diet by starting at step number one.


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    Make a food log of what you eat on an average day.
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    Count how many carbs, proteins, fruits, veggies, dairy products and fats/sweets you eat every day.
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    Stop eating all desserts or sugary foods for the two weeks. This is the first two weeks of your effective diet. Remember, fat free desserts are still desserts! Stop eating them. Sugary foods include some things you might not immediately think of, pre-packaged savoury sauces, bread, breakfast cereals and some ready meals contain a lot of sugar. Cut these out as well as pastries, pies, candy, chocolate, doughnut, biscuits, cookies, cakes etc.
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    Limit the amount of carbohydrates you eat. Do not cut them out completely, they are important. Choose your own limit. Be guided by the U.S. government if you wish. They recommend 130 grams for adult females. It doesn't matter what limit you set yourself, just be sure to set a limit.
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    Increase your fruit, veggie and meat intake, these are the foods that give you the most vitamins and nutrients. This article doesn't recommend a vegetarian diet as effective. If you already eat five or more portions of fruit or vegetables a day, eat more! Consumption of meats such as steak, pork, venison, chicken, veal etc should all be increased.
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    Limit your calorie intake based on recommendations from your doctor. An effective diet is one that is professionally recommended so ask your Dr.
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    Make sure you are eating at least three meals and two snacks per day. If you eat well balanced meals, you may not need to snack, or want to, but you should. Snack twice a day.
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    Attempt to do some type of cardio activity 3 or more times a week. Make sure to get your heart rate above 120 for a sustained time of 20 minutes or more.
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    Make a "super grocery list" every time before you go to the supermarket, which includes only a small or none (depending on your weight) amount of sweet/sugary food. Don't let yourself go down a certain isle if you know that it has a sweet you'll tempt yourself to break the "super grocery list" with. Don't buy anything that is not on the "super grocery list".


  • Make sure you eat breakfast, even if it is just a piece of fruit, you have to start your metabolism to get the day going!
  • Drink a lot of water it is substantial for your organism and it will help you to get rid of harmful toxins.
  • Take the stairs as much as you can, not only is it great exercise but it will help you get leaner legs.
  • Eat lots of fruits and veggies.
  • Don't eat meals up to two hours before bed.
  • Drink low fat milk or soy milk.
  • Going to the gym and lifting weights is also a great way to help get in shape. Doing many repetitions at low weights will help build endurance in your muscles, and they will not get too big!


  • Don't starve yourself; it's not worth it to lose weight, and doing so will cause your body to go into starvation mode, where it tries to store more (and burn less) fat.
  • This will be a slow process, expect to lose 8 - 10 lbs in the first two weeks but after that expect to lose 1 - 2 lbs.
  • If you are highly overweight or have other health conditions, talk to your doctor first.

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