How to Get the Highest Score in IELTs

Four Methods:ListeningReadingWritingSpeaking

Are you soon taking the IELT test? Well, here are some steps that might help to guarantee success for you in IELTS.

Method 1

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    Practice as much as you can. In this part of the test, the speed of the person who speaks increases gradually and it is important to concentrate along with the speaker.
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    Keep along with the speaker, and don’t just try to remember what the speaker said a few seconds ago.
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    Practice as much as you can to keep your listening up with the speaker. The more you practice, the more you will be able to keep up.
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    Practice careful listening from the beginning to the end.

Method 2

This is maybe the hardest part in the test.

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    Practice reading skills as much as you can.
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    Get up your reading speed. You may be able to get tips from books and articles written on how to improve reading speed.
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    Take a quick glance at the questions before you read the text when doing this look for specific words like when, where, why, how, whom, how many, which, and so on.
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    Keep in mind that the text can be a bit too much to read and understand word by word, so stick to reading methods, skimming and scanning in particular.

Method 3

This depends a lot on your own vocabulary and basic grammar.

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    Write correct and simple sentences is just not enough. Try to use different word if you have use the same word over and over.
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    Punctuation is very important in achieving the score you hope to. Before attempting writing exercises it is better to refresh you basic knowledge in things like punctuation.
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    It is good to keep sentences short as it helps to express the ideas more clearly.
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    Practice makes perfect. Get good study material and go through the given examples to familiarize your self with the patter of the exam.

Method 4

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    Realize that this has lot to do with your own ability to speak English. If you are not able to clearly speak, the best thing is to listen to day-to-day English conversations .you may be able listen to radio, TV or may be to read dialogues written in English.
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    Remember to answer the question asked, in order to do this you need to listen to the examiner carefully. For example, if the examiner asks you to talk about food in your country, just don't start to talk about the diet your people take. But you can talk about cuisine when talking about food.
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    If you have a friend who has done IELTS, get that friend to practice few topics given for exam. Ask the friend to be the examiner and you be the candidate, keep lot of practice sessions and speak on different topics, keeping to what is asked.
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    Speak as normal as you can, as if you are talking to some body in your day today life. Use lots of different words, and remember to use expressions.
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    Relax when you speak, don't fill the gaps with ellipses. Just keeping a little gap between your words is ok, but practice to be fluent.

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