How to Get the Best Custom Tattoo

You see tattoos everywhere but want YOUR idea. How do you get the BEST CUSTOM Tattoo? There are many people that bought a tattoo machine and now call themselves tattoo artists but how many ACTUALLY create original works from your mind? How do you find them? How do you contact them? How do you get their best work?


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    Be specific. It is best to find a great custom artist, tell them what you want, where you want it and about how much you want to spend. If they can deliver a wonderful tattoo that is YOUR original concept (best describing how you feel) then you will not only be extremely pleased but also have a tattoo that stands head and shoulders above the rest!
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    Look at tattoos around you. At work, friends, family and online searches will disclose the shops nearest to you. If you found an artist, then call the shop and ask if you can come in and view their work.
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    Visit the shop and look at their photos. Make sure to study the shop in whole as well. What do you think of the photos? These ARE the best representations that the artist could muster. You are looking for creativity, range in subject matter, and clean work that looks appealing. Things to look for specifically is good drawing, clean lines, solid filled in color, NO bleeding, and a clear representation of the tattoo. Lastly: Would you want any of those pieces? If not these exact pieces, a tattoo in a similar style?
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    Have a bit of flexibility. Some work looks better photographed and some suffer with a photo. It is a matter of the artist, their photographic capabilities and lighting and the design of the tattoo. For example, a piece that goes around the arm will be harder to photograph and understand from the photos.
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    Consider when the photos were taken. Tattoo pictures may have been taken very soon after the tattoo was done: the artist may not be able to call the customer back or the customer may not return. The look of the unhealed work may be deceiving. You are going to wear your tattoo for decades. Look for freshness and consistency in the photos. Are some tattoos bleeding? Are some very red and swollen? This may mean the tattooist does not have a mastery of their equipment. They may be scarring or doing tattoos too lightly so the actual image may fade a week after the photo. Look for good quality of tattoos through the photos. Are the lines sharp, even, clean? Is the color solid? Is the shading steady and consistent? How are the points on the edges? Are they sharp and clear? If you can clearly see the image does it captivate your imagination?
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    Try online. Research each site and artist. What do you see? What do you like? Bear in mind that photos online may have been enhanced with software so you may not be seeing the reality of the piece. Contact only your few choice or so. Don't be afraid to travel to get the tattoo you really want.
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    Ask about their work. Ask them about their experience, their background and what other art they do as well. Do they own a shop? Do they have other artists? These questions reveal how busy they are and how much they might be able to deliver for you. Ask about how long they take. If an artist spends 5-10 hours on you that might sway your opinion. Do you want that much suffering?
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    Meet their customers. See their work healed. Talk to them. You may get a great tattoo but how was the experience? Did they enjoy it? Those are factors that will affect how YOU feel about your tattoo. Others that admire your piece will feel your apprehension and respond.
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    Treat them with respect and pay their top dollar fee. You don't want them to hold back some talent for a few bucks so be prepared. If you can't afford their price, either save money or ask if they can work with you by possibly doing sessions for the tattoo and dividing up the payment with the session. Not all artists are willing to do this. If you can't afford the tattoo fee, but really want THAT artist to do your work, constantly contact the artist and try to help them any way you can. Often in this field, service is just as good as cash.
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    If you cannot travel, don't give up. Contact them and request your image to be drawn by them and to send it to you by email. If you paid the ORIGINAL artist for their time, creativity and originality, you can then take their drawing to the best tattoo artist in your area. Make sure to study photos for line quality, even shading and solid color.


  • You'll have to pay for the best quality. This is something permanent, so don't be cheap.
  • Be on the lookout for good art around you. Ask people where they got it done.

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