How to Get Straight a's

Lots of people in the world wants to get straight A's. But they don't know how! They are often having a hard time focusing and they need help. What can they do?


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    Make to-do lists. To-do lists will keep you organized. Tell yourself that you must complete the things on the list before you do anything else. The feeling you get once you cross something off the list is incredible! It make you feel like you've accomplished something and will keep you motivated.
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    Complete your homework on the day that you receive it. This is very important when it comes to getting good grades. Teachers give out homework in order to prepare you for upcoming exams and assignments. Completing homework on the day you get it will also save you time in the future, and it also makes sure that you will have completed it for the next day. It is a good habit to get into. (Don't just get it out of the way though. Make sure you understand the questions and you show your work.)
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    Prepare for the class you have the next day. If you know that in biology class tomorrow you'll be learning about dichotomous keys, read up on it! Your teachers will be really impressed about your work and effort, and it will also make it easier for you during class as you will have a clear idea on what you are doing.
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    Take heaps of notes during class. Don't wait for your teacher to tell you when to take notes. You should make sure that you take as many notes as possible. Teachers sometimes leave out little things that can come up on the test, so make sure that you don't miss out on anything!
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    During lessons, do not get distracted. Don't talk to your friends in class. As tempting as it is, that is what lunch time is for! You can't let them distract you from your goals.
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    Attend as many tutorial classes as possible. By attending classes like these, you will eliminate any doubts that you are having with your work.
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    Do not be afraid to ask your teachers for help. They are there to help you. They can't say "no" really...
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    When you are given an assignment, plan it out straight away. This will make sure that you on top of all your work and will leave you less stressed.
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    When completing an assignment, finish it a week before the due date. This is a good thing to do because you can get someone to read it and give you some feedback. Having feedback from other people can increase your final grades significantly.
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    Before going to bed read over all the notes that you took that day in class. This will save you from a lot of stress when your exams come around.
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    Meditation. Scientific research shows that meditation can increase your IQ and your ability to think deeper into situations.
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    Make sure that you take breaks and release your stress. Go for runs, go out to the movies, meet up with some friends anything! Having a balance in school and social life is important, do not forget that!
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    Make school as important as any other important thing in your life. You go to school so that you can go to college and get a great job. Don't just fly through school with the minimum amount of work so you can do something else.
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    Most importantly, be passionate about your work and try your best!


  • Don't forget to go above the required amount of work. Teachers love it when you do more than asked.
  • Don't give up! You can do it! It's not as hard as people make it seem.
  • Don't be fake. Everyone hates fake people that kiss the teachers butts, even the teachers.
  • Don't get lazy once you get the straight A's.
  • Limit cell phone use
  • Don't participate in too many after school activities
  • Study in the quite area.

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