How to Get Straight A's in College

College is the next level of education, and therefore much harder than any of your previous schooling. Here are a few tips on getting straight A's from a straight A student, and now an Honor's Graduate who completed two Bachelor s degrees in three years.


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    Choose your classes wisely! You have to choose classes that you will be interested in. Of course, you may still have to plow through gen ed courses, but that shouldn't be too much trouble. Once you start learning about what interests you, you might...
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    Find motivation! Don't like to study? It can be tough, but you have to find some motivation to learn, otherwise you may start slacking off. Try a rigid study routine, or try to make studying fun. Try applying what you are studying into a real life situation.
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    Speak with your professors often. College professors know who is and who is not paying attention in class, and this could reflect poorly on your grade. Make sure you let the professor know that you are interested and have a real desire to perform well in their course.
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    Never slack off in class! As much as this is a warning, it is also a step. Never walk into class with a cell phone that is on, or an audio device, or anything that may distract you from giving the class 110% of your attention. You never know when the professor may mutter something like; "yeah, this might be on the test".
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    Look for extra credit, even if you're doing well. Going above and beyond never hurt anyone, and it can be a great way of getting your name out in your department.
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    Limit your social life. College is your future, your social life is your past. Understand that every night you go out is another night that you could have been studying. Once you have your degree, you will have all the time you want to socialize.
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    Take as many credits as you can handle. The college will charge you the same amount if you are taking 12 or 19 credits, so don't waste your time or money by taking just a few credits. Make the most of your time and...
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    Commit! This is a big step, because it means that you'll have to make your education your whole life. Somehow you should always be contributing to your education, whether it is studying that extra fifteen minutes or finding that internship opportunity. Your time and energy are the ingredients to a good college education.
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    Ask for help. This may seem obvious, but many kids are too afraid or don't care enough. Showing your professors that you are actively engaged in their material is never a bad idea, even if you really don't understand the material.


  • Never assume anything. Always confirm the little things, such as homework and test dates.
  • Rewrite your notes after a lecture.
  • Talk it out. If you ever have a problem, see your professor. If they can't or won't help you, seek out someone else. Talk with other professors or your classmates. Someone will help you.
  • Find study buddies. Together you can figure out how to solve certain problems but always make sure not to have identical assignments. Academic dishonesty is taken very seriously in college.
  • Let your professors know how determined you are to do well by them. Teachers love dedicated students.


  • Eat well. You won't be able to function on coffee and energy drinks. Eat fruits, veggies and cereal. Don't skip breakfast!
  • Don't neglect sleep! Get at least 7 hours of sleep a night, and don't neglect it!

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