How to Get Someone You Know to Do Everything for You

It is possible to get people you know to do everything for you. You can get people to make your bed, do your homework, clean your house, walk your dog, wipe your.....chin...everything! If you are trying to get one of your friends, a colleague, literally anyone you know, including your parents, to do everything for you and failing - you are going about it the wrong way. This article explains exactly how to get someone you know to do everything for you.


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    Adopt an air of pathetic helplessness. Pretending you are incapable of doing things for yourself is a good way of getting someone you know to do something for you. It can be hard for an able bodied 14 year old to act so pathetic as to convince anyone they know that they cannot tie their own shoe lace, for example, but if you want everything done for you, you'll need to try.
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    Make a big show of 'trying' to do whatever it is you want doing for you and failing. Someone conscientious will often not wish to see a job badly done. If, for example, someone you know is good at DIY and you want some shelves putting up, invite them round for a beer / coffee and then pretend to start putting up your shelves. Don't measure and don't even think about using a spirit level! With luck they will offer to do it for you. You can also be very slow at doing things until the person who you know gets frustrated with you and takes over. For little kids, getting dressed is a perfect example of this. In adults, parking the car is a similar task.
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    Use threats. If you want everything done for you, and you have some power over the person you know that you want to do it for you, you can threaten them. Bosses can threaten to sack their employees, siblings can threaten to tell about past, unresolved incidents, a wife can threaten a husband with divorce, a parent can threaten a child with a grounding and so on and so on. If you want everything done for you, think what powers you have over the person you want to do tasks for you.
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    Use rewards or bribery. If you have something the person you know wants, offer to give it to them in exchange for them doing something for you. If you want your kid to wash your car for you, offer them ten bucks to do it. If you want your wife to cook your favourite dinner for you, offer to do something she likes later on....If you want your socks put on, give your kid brother a candy. If you want something bigger done for you, like your garden made over, then paying a professional to do it works on the reward principle.
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    Be dramatic. If you don't get what you want done for you, throw a tantrum, threaten to walk out, throw things, sulk, scream, pout, go on hunger strike, stop speaking to the person who refused to help you, etc. Make it a very big deal. People who know you are far more likely to agree to do everything for you if you can make their non-compliance very uncomfortable for them.
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    Ask the person you know nicely. Ordering someone around is not nice for them so try to ask them to do the thing you want doing nicely by saying "Please do this" and then saying "Thank you" if they do it.
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    If trying to get your parents to do something for you, you could pretend to be ill and lay in bed all day and get anything from sweets or adjusting your pillow.
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    Decide who you know, and who is a stranger. If you are trying to get people you know to do everything for you, there may come a time when there isn't anyone you know around to ask. When asking a complete stranger, in principle, it is the same thing as the previous step about asking nicely but the things you ask them to do are limited to simply getting something for you, such as a pony, or answering a question for example, 'Could you tell me how I get home from here please?'


  • Offer them gifts for doing The thing you ask. That way they might do more for you, make the prize suitable to the task they had to do.
  • We are trying to be polite, try to make your voice sound nice and kind when asking someone to do something.


  • You could try hypnotising them if you know how but is strongly NOT recommended, it isn't nice to be forced against your will.

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