How to Get Satisfying Grades

"C-D-D-C-A-F-B." Are these the kind of grades you'd find on YOUR report card? Well you've came to the right place. A lot of high school students struggle in keeping their grades up, or getting grades that satisfy them. Parents will start to nag you about your grades, and it just leads to another headache. In this passage, I will provide steps, tips, and warnings that will guide you through the process of attaining satisfying grades.


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    Look at your grades in your classes. You should focus primarily on the classes you're having difficulty with.
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    Stay organized. Keep a separate folder for each class so you'll be able to find your work easily, rather than dumping out your backpack every time you need something.
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    Do your homework. It is usually a major part of your grade in some classes, and it also prepares you for an upcoming test or quiz.
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    Take notes. If a teacher says something that they say is important, WRITE IT DOWN! Also, take advantage of power-point notes.
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    Study your notes. This is the whole point of taking them in the first place.
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    Prepare for a test or quiz. These are major parts or your grade, and it's important you do your best on them.
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    Manage your time wisely. If you have a project, it is better to do them sooner than the day before it is due. Make a 'gantt' chart or time line on how long you should spend each part of your project on.
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    If you can't seem to focus in class, ask your teacher to move your seat. Some people seem to do better when they sit in the front of a classroom, or near people they don't talk to so they won't become distracted.
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    Ask questions. If you don't understand something, don't be afraid to ask or "look dumb." Odds may be that half of your class doesn't understand it either.


  • ALWAYS do extra credit.
  • Tutors are an optional source that could help you do better in your classes, so get a tutor if necessary.
  • Find interesting ways to remember things, such as acronyms like "P.M.A.T" or catchy row-row-row your boat songs including math formulas.
  • Have an agenda to help you remember things you need to do, like homework, projects, and upcoming tests.
  • Eliminate your distractions so you can focus on your work. This includes all social-networking website/applications!
  • Make a study group! Just choose a group that won't get too off topic when studying.


  • CHEATING IS NOT A GOOD WAY OF GETTING GOOD GRADES. It could lead to an automatic epic failure if you get caught, literally.

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