How to Get Rid of Tobacco Smell Fast

Three Parts:Removing the tobaccoClearing the airCovering up the odors

Tobacco odor is notoriously difficult to get rid of under normal circumstances, and is nearly impossible to do quickly. However, there are a few tricks that you can use to try to remove and cover up the offending odors in a pinch. By following the steps, you will be able to make the scent faint, less noticeable, and much less identifiable — all in less than ten minutes!

Part 1
Removing the tobacco

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    Put out any cigarettes, cigars, or anything else that will cause the smell. Don't light them anywhere in the house.
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    Empty and clean any ashtrays in the room. Remove anything that has been collecting ash ASAP. The scent of tobacco tends to linger on these things longest, even after they have been emptied.

Part 2
Clearing the air

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    Open up a window. The most basic technique, opening up a window is only half of the battle for your air circulation but it's an important place to start.
    • Open as many windows as possible for the area where the tobacco smell lingers. This will be easier on a warmer day but even if it's cold, try to open the windows briefly to allow fresh air to come inside.
    • If possible, it is recommended that windows be left open for at least 24 hours and up to 3 days.
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    Start a fan. If possible, place a fan into the open window backwards (or reverse the direction it sucks air through). The goal is for the fan to be able to suck any odor out the room and into the outside. Place a second fan in the far opposite corner of the room, angled towards the other fan. It should be blowing any offending odors into the other fan, where they will then be removed from the room.

Part 3
Covering up the odors

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    Deodorize. Spray everything that is fabric covered with odor-eliminating spray. This includes furniture, carpet, soft furnishings and clothing in the room. Use the product liberally.
    • Always read the instructions accompanying the packaging before using a spray. It will indicate which items should not be sprayed, to avoid damage.
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    Vacuum. This will also help to freshen the air. Do a quick vacuum job, and use an attachment to do a once-over on any furniture in the room.
    • Sweep and mop hardwood floors to remove ash residues and odor.
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    Spray any furniture with air freshening spray. Also, spray in front of a corner fan if you have one. This will help spread the good scent faster, a great idea for when time is not on your side.
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    Light a scent-removing candle, or a very strongly scented one. Other possible scented cover-ups include incense and room fragrance sticks with essential oils.
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    Wash all bedding, clothes and soft furnishing items in the tainted area. If the items cannot be washed by hand, get them dry cleaned. Curtains can be steam cleaned, as can upholstery.
    • Hang items outside in the sunshine to let the sun and wind work their magic at dispelling odors.


  • Put a few dishes with of white vinegar around the rooms with tobacco smell. This will absorb the odor.
  • Remember, too much is not enough, especially when the smoke stench is completely overwhelming. You want to go crazy with these steps. Use them for as long and as much as possible, short of your parents noticing them.
  • Charcoal also absorbs odors. (the kind you use in barbecues). Put a few briquettes around the room. Be sure to place them on plastic or aluminum foil otherwise you will have black charcoal dust on your furniture.


  • Smoking is bad for your health.

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