How to Get Rid of the Pouch

Are you embarrassed by your belly fat? Want to feel comfortable in your bathing suit? Follow these tips and lose that pouch!


  • Fruit (bananas,oranges,grapefruits,peaches,etc.)
  • Vegetables, the greener the better!(broccoli, spinach,peas, lettuce, carrots, etc.)
  • Water
  • Hot tea
  • Unsweetened ice tea replacing fatty meats with a lean fish or turkey burgers


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    Exercise daily, at least 30 minutes. Don't go running 10 miles (16 km), just start off jogging or walking around the block.
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    Eat right. Many are tempted by sweets and junk food. Clear out your cabinets and fridge of all these unhealthy foods and start fresh. A sweet treat is not bad every once in a while though!
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    Always have something to do. That way, you won't even be worried about food. For example, a day at the mall with friends (plenty of walking, just watch those food courts!), going to the gym.
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    Imagine how much better you will feel being able to fit in those size 6 jeans, or how much better you’ll look in tops. (also, the bragging rights are pretty nice too!)
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    If you are going out to eat with friends/family make sure you know what you're eating! Many people think "oh I’ll get the Caesar salad, and be fine" surprisingly, hundreds of calories can be hiding in the dressing and cheese so watch out! You can always ask the waiter/waitress for a calorie sheet or a low fat menu, they are sure to help you.
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    If you're embarrassed or scared to do all this alone, get your friends/family to join in! It's much easier when you know you have someone by your side for this weight loss.
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    Don't slack off! Even after you have lost the weight, don’t just go back to your old eating habits. That won't help you one bit. After achieving your desired weight loss goal, keep eating healthy, exercising and don’t just sit around! The pounds can easily pile back on. You will be surprised at how energetic you feel after losing the weight and if you have always had soda and candy and instead you have water and fruit those "addictions" will go away and you won't have the desire or need for those *extra pounds*!
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    Have Fruits and veggies and appropriate meal times! Every day a person consumes about 2,000-2,500 calories. Don't waste 150 calories just on a soda or candy bar! Make sure to have breakfast before noon and dinner before 8 pm, this will ensure fullness throughout the day and a better night sleep! If you have dinner at 10 pm at night then go to bed. You'll just have all that food to be stored as fat. You want to make sure you can get some type of exercise after dinner even if it's just walking up and down the stairs. (breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner) each of your meals should have the right amounts, don’t pile stuff on to your plate, try using smaller plates, the smallest things can make a difference! Your eyes will see the plate and your brain will assume you're eating a large plate of food! Also, before having a second plate of food wait 10-20 minutes to see if you're actually hungry. It takes your stomach some time to digest and tell your brain that you are full!


  • Keep yourself busy so you don’t "bored" eat
  • Don’t go back to bad eating habits after your weight loss goal!
  • Enjoy a happy and healthy lifestyle!
  • Exercise at least 30 minutes a day
  • Wait 10-20 minutes before getting seconds
  • Eat fruits and veggies
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Get a friend to join your weight loss
  • Have breakfast before noon and dinner before 8 pm
  • A small treat once in a while is fine


  • Extreme measures like not eating should not be used! With just proper eating and exercise you will be fine.
  • If you are truly still hungry while on this, go ahead and eat! Nobody is stopping you! Have a salad, fruit or if you’re badly craving a hamburger, try a healthy turkey burger! They are great and healthy!
  • If you are in a situation of excess obesity then you and your doctors can also find ways to help you become healthy

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