How to Get Rid of Outgrown Baby Clothes

Three Methods:Giving the Clothes AwaySelling the Clothes at a Yard SaleKeeping the Clothes for Other Purposes

Babies grow at an alarming rate and parents are always replacing the clothes that they have outgrown. There are many things that can be done with the abundance of outgrown baby clothes.

Method 1
Giving the Clothes Away

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    Give the clothes to members of your extended family. If the parents do not plan on having more children they can pass their gently-used baby clothes on to their own siblings to be used for their nieces and nephews.
    • Some parents even pass outgrown baby clothes further to other relatives such as their own cousins that are expecting a child.
    • There is no guarantee that these family members will actually use the baby clothes for their own child, but they are highly likely to pass them on to someone that will use them.
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    Donate the clothes to charity. There are many different organizations that collect gently used baby clothes and other items. Some of these organizations simply give these things to families that need them, such as families that were in a natural disaster.
    • There are other organizations that might sell the baby clothes in order to raise money for other things that they will give to needy families.
    • Organizations that take donations of gently used baby clothes can be found on the internet. Many of them have locations where the baby clothes can be dropped off. Some of the organizations will even come to the home to pick up the donated baby clothes and other items.
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    Take the outgrown baby clothes to be sold at resale stores. For the best chance of having the clothes accepted by the store, they should be thoroughly cleaned, have no stains, no wrinkles, and no signs of wear and tear.
    • If possible, they should be brought to the stores on hangers. Neatly folding them and putting them in a container is also acceptable.
    • To make it easier for the store personnel to look through the clothing and make a decision, it is wise to group the clothing by size.
    • Other acceptable ways to group the clothing are by wearer gender or by season.
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    Bring the clothes to a second-hand store. A second-hand store will pay a small price for any items that they feel they can sell to other customers.
    • There might be immediate payment, or the store might need to have a day or so to examine the clothes and choose which they want to sell in their store. The staff keeps a file for each family that brings in things to sell so that there is no mix-up.
    • If there are clothes that the staff does not choose to accept for sale in the store, it is the responsibility of the family to take these items back.
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    Consider giving the clothes to a consignment shop. Consignment shops work a little differently from second-hand stores. One of the main differences is that the family does not receive the money until after the clothes are actually purchased.
    • Sometimes the wait can be long, but often the amount of money that is paid for clothes at a consignment shop is higher than what would be paid at a second-hand store.
    • Consignment shops are often a bit more particular about what they will accept for their store. For example, they might only accept clothes that are currently popular styles or were made by well-known children’s clothing companies.

Method 2
Selling the Clothes at a Yard Sale

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    Sell clean, gently-worn baby clothes outside your own home. Outgrown baby clothes can be sold right outside the family home. Of course, the money that is earned will not be near what was paid for the clothes when they were new, but some parents find the extra little bit of cash helpful.
    • In order to maximize the sales and possibly the profit, the family needs to be sure that the clothing is in the best condition. It should be clean which includes having no stains. The clothing should not show signs of wear and tear. They should also be free of wrinkles so that they look nicer.
    • The best rule of thumb for selling used baby clothing is to look at it from the buyer’s point of view and decide if it is in good enough shape to purchase.
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    Make sure the clothes are presented well. Another key aspect to selling baby clothes is how they are presented to the buyers. Tossing all of the baby clothes in boxes or containers does not make an appealing presentation.
    • At stores, the clothing is neatly folded and arranged on tables or hung on hangers, so the family should try to do something similar. If the clothes are folded and put on a table, they should be a bit spread out so that they are easier to look at.
    • Of course, the neatly arranged clothes on a table are likely to get disrupted, but it is not difficult to tidy them up throughout the yard sale time.
    • In order to simulate a store even more, it is also a great idea to have bags available. After a purchase is made, the family can put the bought clothes in the bag so they can be more easily carried by the buyers.
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    Use signs and advertisements to attract more customers. Yard sales work for many families, but they can also be a disappointment if the sale location is off the main path and no one stops to look at the items.
    • In order to help get potential customers, the family can post signs in the neighborhood or even put an advertisement in a local newspaper. It is very important to include the address, date, and time span for the sale so that people know where and when it is.
    • If the location is on a small side street, it can be helpful to also list the name of the closest main street that connects to the side street.
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    Be flexible about prices. For a yard sale, the family determines the cost of the items they are selling, but often leave a bit of bargaining room for those customers that want to make a deal. Prices can either be on signs or on tags that are gently attached to the clothing.
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    Be prepared for adverse weather conditions. One major concern with selling the outgrown baby clothes in a yard sale is the weather. Advertising has to be done in advance in order to give customers a chance to plan ahead to come to the yard sale, but the weather isn’t known for certain very far in advance.
    • For areas where the weather often varies, a secondary date should be chosen for the sale and listed at the bottom of the advertisements.

Method 3
Keeping the Clothes for Other Purposes

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    Save the outgrown clothes for siblings. Often when a couple is just beginning their family, they will put away the outgrown baby clothes that are still nice and save them for the other children that they plan to have. This is a great way to cut back on the cost of baby clothes for the future siblings.
    • In order to be sure that the baby clothes are in the best condition when they are needed for the future siblings, they should be laundered and dried before storing.
    • They should be folded neatly and stored in dresser drawers or clothes storage containers. It is important that they are not stored where sunlight reaches them because it can cause fading.
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    Display the clothes in your home. This is usually only done with favorite articles of baby clothing. The parents can display the clothes inside picture frames or shadow boxes and hang them in the child’s room as decoration.
    • As with storing the clothes for later use, framed baby clothes need to be clean and dry before being framed. There are many different ways to frame baby clothes. The clothing can be folded and inserted in a picture frame with only a certain portion visible. For example, a shirt can be folded the same way that men’s dress shirts are packaged at stores in order to show the front of the shirt in the picture frame.
    • Another way to frame the outgrown baby clothing is to use a shadow box. These boxes are deeper so the clothing does not get flattened. Shadow boxes can be purchased in large enough sizes to accommodate an entire outfit or several different clothing pieces together, such as 2-3 favorite tops.
    • Since a shadow box can be heavier than a picture frame, it is important to be sure the nail or hook is very secure in the wall in order to support it.
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    Use the clothes to make a patchwork quilt. Pieces of outgrown baby clothes can also be used as part of a patchwork quilt for the child’s bed when they are older. The parents should be sure the clothing is clean and that the swatches do not include worn out spots that may cause the blanket to tear more easily when used.

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