How to Get Rid of Moles in Your Lawn

Three Methods:Removing the MolesUsing Home RemediesRecognizing and Preventing Mole Infestation

Just when you have planted a beautiful lawn, you notice lawn ridges that ruin your picturesque setting. Although moles can be good for your lawn by aerating the dirt and eating larvae of destructive insects, they can also kill the grass around the ridges.[1] It isn't necessary to go all Bill Murray on these moles. There are plenty of options you can take before blowing up your lawn.

Method 1
Removing the Moles

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    Find an active tunnel. If you are going to rid your yard, you'll need to learn which tunnels these moles use. Cover the nearest molehill to you and wait a day or two. If the molehill has been uncovered then there's a good chance that the mole is actively using it.
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    Use a mole specific trap. These traps tend to be the most effective method of ridding your yard from moles. You can purchase these traps online or at your nearest hardware/home center. These will typically be spring loaded traps that will require you to assemble and set up in an active tunnel. Look into these popular types of mole traps:
    • Lure traps. This style of trap is an easy and quick one to set up. Set up the trap by placing it firmly in the middle of a tunnel. You won't need to dig anything up, but instead, shove it into a tunnel using your shoe.
    • Circular rodent traps. These types of traps are more economical and can work for gophers and rats as well. For this trap you'll need to dig up the mound carefully. Then place the trap into the mound and seal any cracks that release light with dirt.
    • Loop choking style traps. This type of trap probably requires the most work, but the community suggest it is very effective once you get the hang of it. You'll need to cut two slots into an active tunnel. The trap is then lowered into the tunnel in a way that the choker loop is ready to catch unwanted moles.[2]
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    Gas the moles. You'll need to be extra careful handling poisonous gasses. If you successfully gas a major nest or repeat gassing them, you should have positive results. You can find different types of gas solutions, such as "Revenge Rodent Smoke Bombs" or "Whole Control".[3]
    • If you have children, take the precautionary steps to ensure they do not contaminate themselves once you've spread the gas.
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    Trick the moles with bait. Lots of traps don't require bait, but you can always better your chances by luring the mole to you. Some baits are poisonous to the mole. Other baits you could acquire easier like earthworms. You could catch earthworms yourself by overturning clumps of your yard, or simply buy them online from
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    Use a mouse trap. Mice and moles are about the same size, so mousetraps can be effective for capturing moles. Prepare a piece of bait when setting up the trap. Then, place the mousetrap at the opening of a mole tunnel. Check back on the trap several hours later to see if it has captured any moles.
    • If nothing's been caught, it's possible the trap was not concealed well enough, or the moles have moved to a new tunnel.
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    Call a professional pest control service. Sometimes solving your mole problem is best left up to the professionals. They will rid your lawn of moles without you having to worry which method is safest. There are plenty of pest control services in your area.

Method 2
Using Home Remedies

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    Plant vegetative barriers. Certain plants can deter moles from occupying your lawn. You can plant plants like daffodils, marigolds, alliums, and fritillarias.[4] Castor bean plants are also a known mole deterrent, but they are also poisonous.
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    Create your own mole repellant. You can create a mixture using castor oil, which can be found in most health sections of your grocery store, and dish soap. Mix 6 ounces of castor oil with 2 tablespoons of dish soap in one gallon of water to create a concentrate. Apply to the lawn periodically, and be sure to reapply after it rains.[5]
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    Attract mole predators. This can be an effective, hands off solution. Owls are natural predators to moles and you can attract them to your yard by building or buying a nest box. Nest boxes look like large bird house that attaches to a tree high off the ground. Once you assemble the nest box, set it up high in a tree and fill it with straw. It's only a matter of time before an owl is attracted to it.[6]
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    Trap the mole using shovels. This will require a lot of time waiting around from you. First, pat down the mole trail by walking over it. This will allow you to notice when the mole is actively using the tunnel. Wait nearby for the mole to begin moving around. When you notice the mole, enclose this section of the trail off with two shovels. This will trap the mole. Throw a trashcan or a large bucket over the trapped mole, and then scoop it up and transport it away from your lawn.[7]

Method 3
Recognizing and Preventing Mole Infestation

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    Identify signs of moles. Sometimes people will easily mistake a gopher to a mole. The biggest difference with gophers is they don't kill your grass.[8]
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    Keep your lawn in good condition. Keeping your grass cut will help you to easily see the signs of a mole. Also, avoid your lawn from getting too soggy. This can be challenging if your lawn is prone to this, but moles are drawn towards wet earth, so avoid over-watering your lawn.
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    Add simple components to your lawn. Put dry ice in their tunnels. The carbon dioxide it emits will suffocate the moles. Put garden wind spinners along their trails and at their entrance holes. They cause the ground to vibrate and moles won't like it, causing them to move on to a more "peaceful" location.
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    Fill the abandoned tunnel with rocks. Moles dislike digging through rocks, so it could be a good preventative measure to fill their tunnels. Other moles could occupy the abandoned tunnels, but they'll be less inclined if you use rocks.


  • The mole usually makes more than one trail to hide the actual work area.
  • Moles may feed on your lawn from late spring to late autumn.
  • If you are silent and walk softly, the mole will not be alerted to your presence and won't escape back down its trail.
  • To prevent moles from damaging your garden at all, install a wire mesh in the dirt before planting. This prevents moles from gaining access to your plants, but still allows the plants' roots to extend through the ground. This is only possible before planting, however.


  • If moles move back into their trail, it's unlikely you will be able to catch it.
  • Use swift strokes away from you to avoid hurting yourself in the process of removing moles.
  • If you don't move slowly or quietly, you may scare the mole away.
  • Moles are a protected species in the European Union and some other countries. Harming them may lead to legal penalties. Be sure to check your local laws before following some of the steps in this article.

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