How to Get Rid of Low Sperm Count Naturally

Low sperm count is embarrassing to talk about, but, like many other medical problems, it can be treated. To find out more about how to eradicate low sperm count naturally dive into this article and hopefully it might help you.


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    Realise you are not the only person suffering from this although few men discuss it openly. Low sperm count and infertility in men is more prevalent than most couples think. There is an equal chance that male factor infertility can be the cause of not getting pregnant as much as a fertility issue being with the woman. While women have many tests to undergo to try to find out the cause of infertility, men have only a couple, the sperm test being the easiest. In such cases people should opt for natural ways to get rid of low sperm count.
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    Get tested. Natural ways to get rid of low sperm count include first of all getting tested. If you have been trying to get pregnant for more than a year, make sure that both of you should go and begin getting testing. There are at-home sperm count tests available in, or you can have a complete semen analysis performed at your doctor's office.
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    Try a Diet and / or Nutrients for Healthy Male Fertility: Diet has a big impact on sperm health and male fertility. What you are eating today is impacting the sperm that will be swimming 3 months from now.
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    Consider Fertility Herbs. Fertility Herbs are a great way to bring about healthy healing and change in the body. There are many supportive herbs for pregnancy preparation and supporting men's fertility health. Using natural herbs is the best way to cure such problems as they have no bad effect on any part of the body.
    • American Ginseng: may support healthy sex drive, erectile dysfunction and enhance sexual performance in menFo-ti: Traditionally used for men who have low libido, low sperm count erectile dysfunction and poor sperm motility. It also supports fertility longevity.
    • Goji berry, dried fruit: protects sperm from hyperthermia (overheating), increasing hormone levels, sperm quantity and quality through its high antioxidant content.
    • Maca root: Men who use maca have been seen to have an increased libido and healthy sperm. Increase seminal volume, sperm count per ejaculate, and sperm motility.
    • Seaweed: Extremely high in vitamins and minerals, including iodine, this is necessary for proper thyroid function. It is high in fibre for improved estrogen metabolism.
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    Consider other Natural ways to get rid of low sperm count include using Spermac Capsules and Musli Kaunch, as they give one of the best results and are highly recommended by doctors to increase sperm count.

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