How to Get Rid of Hip Fat

Two Parts:Lifestyle ImprovementsHip-Toning Exercises

Stubborn hip fat can develop in people of both genders, but it's more likely to plague women since it's primarily driven by the female hormone estrogen. Getting rid of hip fat can be difficult, but you can accomplish this goal by making several lifestyle improvements and by regularly performing exercises designed to tone your hips and thighs.

Part 1
Lifestyle Improvements

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    Improve your diet. A healthy diet is one of the two most important aspects of losing weight in any part of your body, and your hips are no exception.
    • Consume more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. The female hormone estrogen encourages your body to store excess fat in the hips and thighs, but these foods have the ability to bind to excess estrogen and expel it from your body. To the same end, you should also eat more yogurt or take probiotics to help clear the excess estrogen from your digestive system.[1]
    • On a similar note, you should avoid alcohol, chemical preservatives, and coloring agents. It's possible that these substances limit your liver's ability to cleanse your body of excess estrogen. Some studies suggest that drinking more than two cups of coffee each day can trigger higher estrogen levels, as well.
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    Perform cardiovascular exercise. This type of exercise is the second key component of losing weight in any portion of your body.
    • While any type of cardiovascular exercise can help, some of the best types to consider for hip fat include aerobics, step climbing, and power walking. These exercises get your blood pumping and tone your hips.
    • Cardiovascular exercise increases your blood circulation, which makes it easier for your body to burn off excess calories and expel excess fluids. The improved circulation can also help strengthen the connective tissues in your hips, thereby reducing any swelling in that area.[2]
    • Getting enough exercise can also help you balance your levels of estrogen. Less estrogen will allow the connective tissues in your hips to become firmer and less flabby.
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    Balance your calories. Ultimately, you'll need to balance your calories through diet and exercise before you start shedding extra weight and fat.
    • As a general rule, you should burn 500 calories more than you intake, but the exact number of calories you should consume each day will vary depending on your age, sex, and level of activity.[3]
      • Women living sedentary lifestyles will usually need to consume around 1300 calories to lose weight, but moderately active women can increase this amount to 1500 calories. Very active women may increase the amount to 1900 calories.
      • Men with sedentary lifestyles need to consume around 1900 calories to lose weight. Moderately active men can increase this amount to 2100 calories, and very active men may increase it to around 2500 calories.
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    Stress less. Physical and emotional stress can throw your hormones into chaos and weaken connective tissues in your hips, which can lead to swelling and increased cellulite.
    • To deal with physical stress, take better care of your body. Diet and exercise are both important, but you should also stay get plenty of sleep each night and stay hydrated.
    • Dealing with emotional stress can be trickier, but you mainly need to apply stress reduction techniques to your life in an effort to relax. Listen to calm music, take a relaxing bath, practice yoga, meditate, or find some other activity that helps lift the burden of everyday anxieties.
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    Perform hip-toning exercise. Encouraging muscle development in your hips can help tone that area of your body and reduce the flabbiness there. Do this by performing exercises that require you to use the muscles in your hips and thighs.
    • Strength training exercise doesn't help you drop weight in the same way as cardiovascular exercise, and technically, it's impossible to "target" fat in any part of your body when you burn calories.
    • For that reason, you'll still need to encourage your body to burn more calories overall through cardiovascular exercise. As you shed the excess weight, you can reduce the flabby appearance of your hips with the right strength training.
    • For specific examples, please refer to the "Hip-Toning Exercises" section of this article.

Part 2
Hip-Toning Exercises

Seated Hand Push

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    Sit down. Sit in a sturdy chair and keep your feet planted on the ground. Your knees should be bent at a 90-degree angle; adjust your position on the chair and your posture to accomplish this.
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    Place your palms on your knees. Open your hands and place your palms against the outsides of your knees. Keep your arms slightly bent at the elbows.
    • Keep each palm on its corresponding knee. In other words, place the right palm against the right knee and the left palm against the left knee.
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    Push your knees outward. Push your knees outward, pressing them against your palms. The movement should make it seem as though you're trying to push your palms away.
    • Your arms and hands should remain fixed to the same position as you do this. In fact, you should actually press inward with your hands to prevent your knees from pushing them away.
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    Hold and release. Once you've pushed out your knees and have your palms pressed against them, hold the position for one full minute. Slowly release and return your knees to normal when finished.
    • Breathe normally as you maintain the position. Do not hold your breath.
    • You can perform this exercise once if you combine it with others, but if this is the only hip-toning exercise you perform, repeat it between four and eight times. Pause for 30 to 60 seconds in between each repetition.


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    Lie on your back. Lie on your back, bending your legs at the knees. Keep your feet on the ground.
    • Your arms should remain at your sides for the duration of this exercise. Keep your palms flat against the ground and your elbows straight.
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    Lift your hips. Gradually lift your hips toward the ceiling, keeping your lower back and feet pressed against the ground.
    • Once you've lifted your hips as high as you comfortably can, squeeze together the muscles in your buttocks.
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    Hold and release. Hold your position for a full 60 seconds before gradually easing yourself back down.
    • Rest for about 30 seconds after releasing your position.
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    Repeat, lifting your leg. Lift your hips again in the same manner as before. When you've lifted them as high as possible, extend one leg out for 5 seconds.
    • After 5 seconds, lower your foot, then gradually lower your hips. Repeat this hip-raising and leg-raising routing for 30 seconds on one leg.
    • After you finish the first leg, repeat this routine with the other leg for another 30 seconds.


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    Lie on your side. Lie down on your right side, keeping your left leg evenly stacked on top of the right leg.
    • Your knees and ankles should be evenly positioned.
    • Keep both knees bent at an approximate 45-degree angle.
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    Open your knee. Gradually lift up the left knee, extending it as high as possible without straining the muscles in your hip.
    • As you lift the knee, keep your core muscles and gluteus muscles engaged.
      • Your core muscles are found in the abdomen and lower back. To engage them, consciously contract the muscles in those areas until you feel a gentle tightening.
      • The gluteus muscles are found in the buttocks, and they control the movement of your thighs.
    • Also note that your ankles should remain aligned to one another.
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    Hold and release. Once you lift your left knee as high as possible, hold it in place for 10 seconds. Gradually lower it back down when finished.
    • As you lower your knee, keep your body straight and your ankles aligned. Lower the knee back down until it is positioned on top of the right knee again.
    • Repeat the exercise with your left leg 12 to 15 times.
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    Repeat with the other side. Roll over to your left side and position the right leg on top of the left leg. Lift your right knee, hold it for 10 seconds, and gradually release it.
    • You should repeat the exercise with your right leg the same number of times you repeated it for the left leg.

Lateral Lunges

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    Stand straight. Stand straight with your feet spread shoulder-length apart. Keep your arms at your sides and your knees loose.
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    Take a step to the side. Step to the right with your right foot. This step should extend as far as possible without causing strain or discomfort to your body.
    • The right foot should only move to the right. Do not move it forward or backward.
    • Do not move your left leg during this step, and keep both knees straight yet loose.
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    Squat. Squat down to the right. To do this, you'll need to move your hips down into a sitting position and gradually roll them back.
    • Do not allow the right knee to extend beyond the toes of your right foot.
    • While you squat to the right, your left leg and back should remain straight. You should also engage your core muscles (those in the abdomen and lower back) by contracting them until you feel a gentle tightening.
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    Return and repeat. Push down with the heel of your right foot. Doing so should allow you to gradually ease back into the starting position, with both legs straight and shoulder-length apart.
    • Repeat this exercise 10 to 12 times with your right leg.
    • After you finish with your right leg, repeat the exercise the same number of times with your left leg.

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