How to Get Respect at Work

Being respected at work isn't just a matter of making the day go by easier. In today's world it can mean that next promotion, landing a project or the big raise you were looking for!


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    Respect others. Show your coworkers that they matter. Respect the authority of your bosses and treat underlings well.
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    Do your job and do it well. Don't make anyone carry your workload, be on time and offer to help coworkers when possible. If you do not understand something or cannot handle a task do not be afraid to seek help or partner up with a coworker.
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    Have dignity. It's great to help out others but don't let yourself be the office pushover either. Don't do everyone's work for them. Tell the boss, "I can take one for the team this time" which lets her know that you are willing to pitch in but you are nobody's fool.
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    Be discreet. Nobody respects a gossip. And nobody wants to have to watch what they say around you because you'll go blabbering all over the office. Respect people's confidence in you.
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    Look good. Shower as often as is needed(at least daily) wear freshly laundered clothing, get them pressed if necessary. Ladies should wear a reasonable amount of makeup-nothing heavy or better suited for a night at a club(unless you work at a club). Keep jewelry tasteful and appropriate for your occupation. Hair should be neat, clean and should not get in the way of doing your job.
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    Be confident. Stand up straight, hold your chin up, make eye contact, use a firm handshake and SMILE!
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    Make others feel good about you. Greeting each person by name shows that they matter to you. Everyone wants to feel important and be heard. Make a random honest compliment to someone you work with. Do this every day to a different person.
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    Be a person of your word. Keeping your word is one of the biggest things you can do to gain respect. And in doing so you make a good reputation.
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    Behave in a way that allows people to respect you. If your coworkers at the law office see your drunken pass out pics on Facebook it's probably a good bet that they will lose respect for you.
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    Keep your cool. Be unflappable. Do not let jerk bosses or rude coworkers cause you to be overly emotional or verbal. Nearly every job has one so bite your tongue, don't get involved with office drama or infighting and always take the high road. When all of the silliness has died down you will be remembered as the one with class.
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    Give proper credit. When working with others always be sure to give others their due credit. Don't hog all of the kudos, let others bask in the glory of accomplishment with you.
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    Do not ever bad mouth people at work. You and your coworker may have a chuckles at your dorky boss but when your coworker needs that raise or gets mad at you he may repeat everything you said. Don't give anyone any fuel to make a fire.


  • There are some people that, no matter what you do or say, will be impossible to win over. Know when to cut your losses.

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