How to Get Recognition in the Press

Press is an interface between a mass of people and important happenings. To get your name in limelight, you should target your skills and hone them, then actively seek to enter contests or competitions. By rising to the top, you will be recognized by the press.


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    Analyze your abilities. What is in you that might prove to be the best among all other activities in your life? What might stand out the most and be noticed? Some people are good at singing, some people are good at drawing exactly what they see in front of them, and others excel at talking about a variety of issues.
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    Target your most interesting competency. After making a considered analysis, select the most interesting activity in which you often engage and truly love.
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    Work hard to improve this activity and sharpen your skills. Broaden your horizons by surveying similar efforts by others– in person, on the internet, and, possibly, by taking on a coach who is well-versed in the finer points of the activity or skill you have targeted. Make it a primary goal to learn new dimensions and gain as much of knowledge of the activity as you can and from different sources.
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    Measure yourself against the best in your selected target activity. Compare yourself with the most honored person in the field and closely examine the areas of special expertise that sets this person above all others. Your target could be a famous artist, singer, public speaker, or something different and unique.
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    List the areas where the luminary excels, but that you do not yet. These are the extra competencies which supply the luminary with panache, setting them above all others. When you compare yourself you will find something extra or special in that person with whom you compare yourself. Seek to add these to your skill set by targeting those areas specially.
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    Work hard to close the gap and to duplicate the luminary's points of superiority over the field. Consider each aspect and work on them one at a time. First understand what makes them the best and then work to acquire that skill or trait. This may take long time, but if you concentrate on each aspect one at a time, you will elevate your performance beyond even your wildest expectations. In the end, you will be almost equivalent to that person.
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    Prove your competence. Search for contests which are widely recognized in your area of elevated expertise. It could be a regional singing competition, an art exhibition, or a public debate. Enroll in local contests and then in regional and national contests. Up your game at every level and perform your best. Try a number of such competitions and, as the level of your competence increases, you will be getting that much closer to being noticed by the press.
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    Select the biggest contest within your ability. Participate confidently and rock the stage with your performance. Take your performance off the charts. You will certainly get the accolades of the the press, then, and will have made it into the press.


  • Interesting activities will be easier for you to improve as you will be super-engaged and highly motivated to excel and up your game.
  • Be true to yourself and follow an honorable path to success in the competition and always maintain a gracious attitude.

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