How to Get Ready for Your D3 Pony Club Rating

Pony Club demonstrates great responsibility and dedication, but this requires you to really try hard to prepare. Here is how to prepare for it.


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    Prepare for the Horse Management. This the hardest part of it all. Luckily, at this level, it is not too bad. Try printing out just the HM test sheet, filling in the correct answers, and having someone ask you them.
    • When you can get all of the answers 10 times correctly, you are ready. If you have any questions, e-mail or text a friend a level or two up, or talk to your DC. They are there to help you. Do not be worried, and remember that it is easier to remember if you are relaxed.
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    Remember to be very careful filling out your Record Book and your Stall Card. These are what will lose you the most points, so be very particular and specific. When you have more information available, you will look much more prepared!
    • Go through a last minute check before you go, to make sure you did not leave out any important information.
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    Understand that you should be riding at least 3–6 inches (7.6–15.2 cm) above your fence height. The best way to wow the examiner is to simply talk to them. If your horse drifted, tell them. If you dropped your stirrup, tell them. They want to know that you know what is going well and what is not, and that is the best way to pass.
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    Make a checklist of the things to remember when you are driving to the rating. For example, the amount of food your horse gets, or to look up over the fence. This will really help you to do well, but you should know everything before you leave the house.
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    Talk to the examiners. They want to know your opinion, too!

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