How to Get Ready for Point Guard College

Point Guard College, or PGC is a highly active, highly effective basketball school for mature high school and college players who are serious about improving their game. One school session is four days long, and each day contains multiple classroom and court sessions. This school has been reported to be one of the most effective basketball camps in the nation. If you are apprehensive about attending PGC, or just want to know how to prepare, read on.


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    Get in the Best Basketball Shape Possible. PGC is highly demanding on the court. You will have a much better experience if you arrive at the school in shape and ready to play. Get ready for hours of court time by working on an exercise regime similar to this:
    • Run 1 mile (1.6 km) (warmup).
    • Do 25 box jumps.
    • Do 10 ball pushups.
    • Run 5 sprints.
    • Do 25 box jumps.
    • Do 10 ball pushups.
    • Do 50 crunches.
    • Do 20+ floor shuffles in 2 minutes: To floor shuffle, start at one side of the key, and shuffle sideways, touching the opposite line of the key.
    • Do a 17-touch: This is done by running from on sideline to the other 17 times.
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    Work on Ball-Handling Skills. At PGC, ball handling is important. You will be playing with other teens who are elite players and have top-notch ball-handling skills. Work on ball handling every day, by following a system similar to this:
    • Put on some thick gloves for the first two weeks of ball handling: When you take them off in a few weeks, ball-handling will be easier.
    • Do 25 wide crossover dribbles.
    • Do 25 wide dribbles with each hand.
    • Maneuver the ball around your ankles, then waist, then head as quickly as you can while moving in a circular motion. After about 25, switch directions.
    • Do 3 sprints down the court while dribbling with each hand.
    • Go up and down the court, dribbling the ball between your legs. When this becomes easy, try walking backwards.
    • Put one basketball in each hand, and then dribble both balls at once while running. Then, alternate their dribbles.
    • Try completing these exercises using only a tennis ball.
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    Get Ready to Learn about What Makes a Good Player. PGC is not completely on-court. There are multiple classroom sessions a day that will teach you about what it takes to be a basketball player mentally. Make sure you bring a notebook to camp to take notes and improve your basketball IQ.
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    Arrive at PGC Well-Rested. PGC is a very intense camp, that conditions and teaches you the fundamentals of basketball. Make sure you get plenty of rest before your sessions starts. You will need it.
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    Visit the Website Prior to your Session. The PGC website has many tips on preparing for your session. Visit it


  • Have fun, and enjoy the experience.
  • Make sure you're attending PGC for the right reasons. This school is not for people who are already basketball experts- go there to learn.


  • Be serious: PGC is for mature athletes.
  • If you do not come to PGC in basketball shape, you may not enjoy the camp.

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