How to Get Ready for High School (Girls)

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You're a girl, and girls have worries. Your middle school teachers probably made the idea of going to high school sound like a huge deal and a lot of stress. It's not that different from middle school, but there are some clever tricks you can use to make a good start right off the bat. Hopefully you'll learn something, and maybe laugh a little, too.

Method 1
Your Schedule

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    Know what kind of classes you will need to take. You will probably need to take some variation of the listed subjects in freshman year. If you can handle a larger work load, you may be put into Honors or Pre-AP classes.
    • Mathematics - Most Freshmen will take Algebra 1; however, if you took Algebra in 8th grade, you will take either Geometry or Algebra 2. This is a required class.
    • Science - Freshmen take Earth Science most of the time. Depending on where you live, that will determine what science you take. Science gets more specific as you go along. This is a required class.
    • English - As you go further into English, you will begin to focus more on literature and not so much grammar and spelling. This is a required class.
    • Languages - Most high schools offer Latin, German, French, Spanish, and Sign Language.
    • Gym - Gym is still required in most states for Freshmen and Sophomore year, but after that it can be taken by choice.
    • Computers/Technology - While this class is not always required, it is one of the most useful classes you can take in High School.
    • Electives - There are many different electives you can take in High School. You should pick them based on interest and what will help you later in life. Choose your electives very carefully. They're a lot of fun! If you can take tag, go for it. Don't be tempted to take classes just because they're easy-sounding. Take classes that sound interesting and you'll have a better time, even if they're difficult.
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    Don't get your hopes too high that you'll get all your electives. Every single grade after you gets to pick first! No worries, you'll get your electives at some point.

Method 2
Your Supplies

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    Consider what kind of schedule you will have when you buy your supplies. You don't want to carry around a lot for each class if you have eight periods instead of four blocks.
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    Get several good quality notebooks. Once you go high school, the teachers might give you some information and you'll have to write them all. However, if your school doesn't allow you to carry backpacks around during the day, you might want to hang on to a binder to carry them. They can get heavy.
    • College-made notebooks have more lines on them than wide ruled notebooks. If it's a notebook for taking notes, you'll want college ruled so you get more space. If you're doing a paper that has to be a certain number of pages long (there are a few of these in high school English) and you don't want it to stretch forever, you'll want wide ruled notebooks. If it makes a difference, consider that.
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    Invest in some mechanical pencils rather than traditional ones. They might seem more expensive, but they're really worth it. If you get the extra lead sticks to put in them, they'll last you all year.
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    Get white latex erasers, not pink ones. Pink erasers dry out and end up being useless, but latex erasers don't. They also leave your paper looking cleaner and don't rip holes in it.
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    If you can, aim for plastic covers on your notebooks and folders. You can write down assignments on these and erase them later.
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    Get folders. When you go shopping for supplies, bring along a sheet of printer paper and see if it fits in the folder first.
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    Put effort into picking out a new backpack. It is really important, especially if you carry your backpack around in school. You want something stylish that won't wear out and won't wear out your back. Try a messenger bag. Pick one that's made out of a material that won't get dirty too easily, as your bag will spend plenty of time on dirty classroom floors this year.
    • If your bag is silly, it might be funny now, but when you're looking back on your high school photos years later, you may regret it.
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    While a computer can be helpful while studying, don't bring it to class. Avoid bringing any other electronics you don't absolutely need. They get stolen. If you take out electronics during class, it tells everyone else that you have one, which is an incentive to go through your bag. Don't give anybody that incentive. (You'll also earn brownie points with your teachers for keeping this stuff hidden.)

Method 3

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    For your hair, keep it cute and neat, but don't go overboard.
    • Don't come to school the first day with a crazy new hair color. Wait a few weeks later when you're sure it won't leave a bad impression. Same with extensions.
    • If your hair is oily, wash it with Dawn dish soap before you shampoo and condition.
    • Wash your hair well.
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    Keep your face clean and looking nice.
    • If you have acne, you should use Dawn on your face once a week or so. It really does get rid of the oil.
    • If you like wearing make-up, don't go overboard. Try to go for just the basics.
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    Try out plenty of different styles, but don't get caught up in the trends unless they look good on your body type. Also, just because it doesn't look good on you doesn't mean you're fat. Some girls are different heights or shapes, and it really affects how clothes look on them.
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    Don't criticize your own body. If you believe you're beautiful, you will be more beautiful to everyone that looks at you!
    • Find yourself some cool accessories, but don't pay mall prices for them. Go to and you'll be able to find just about anything you can find in a mall. You don't need to pay fifteen dollars for a necklace when you can buy it online for three bucks.
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    Wear appropriate footwear. Don't wear stilettos if your class is on the fourth floor, but tennis shoes are good for the trip up. Wear something that's stylish, but comfortable.
    • Invest in a great pair of cozy, waterproof, easily-washable boots for winter, if it applies to you.
    • Find good socks. Ditch the tube socks and get something that's comfortable.

Method 4
Dealing with Dating

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    Don't obsess about being the perfect girl that guys or girl want to date. A boy or girl wants the kind of girl they can take home without their mom instantly hating them. They want the kind of girl they can hug without worrying about snapping her in half. He/she wants a real girl, with an actual personality. Not necessarily a Barbie.
    • People who aim for Barbie-itude aren't worth your time. If someone will talk to you only if you're wearing a Crossing Guard of Negotiable Affections outfit, they're a jerk. Don't let anybody take advantage of you. If you think they'll grow out of it, dump him/her until they do or you'll be in for a lot of misery.
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    Don't write someone off just because they can program Linux. Geeks are really cool people. They're usually down-to-earth and really smart.
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    Remember, you can be happy without a boyfriend/girlfriend. Guys/girls make really awesome normal friends, though. They're unlikely to stab you in the back or gossip about your secrets, and some guys/girls are more sympathetic than you'd think.
    • Some people aren't sympathetic, though. They may just freeze up if you start crying, and not know what to do with you. They're not necessarily trying to be mean, and it doesn't mean they don't care. It's just that they might not know how to handle you. They can often find sound, logical solutions to your problems once you've calmed down, though, so they can still help you out a little. Some people like to fix girls' problems.
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    Be careful not to trod on a person's ego unless it needs treading on. Everybody has a bit of an ego, though some more than others.

Method 5
Your Classes

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    Expect your teachers to be nice, intelligent people. Usually, at least half of them are. Teachers are people, too!
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    Pay attention to instructions. Then, the teacher is usually happy to help you. Most of what they say actually is interesting.
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    Just do the best you can with mean teachers. Arguing with them is counterproductive and drains your energy on people who aren't worth it.
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    Try really hard not to turn in anything late. If you do, sooner rather than later. Just make sure you turn in everything! An assignment with a few points off for being late is better than a zero.

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