How to Get Ready for Halloween

Halloween is such a wonderful and a full-of-treats holiday! If you have kids, it makes it even better! It's fine if you don't have them though, you can still get ready for Halloween and have loads of spooky fun!


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    Think of what you want to do. Up ahead, are some fun things to do for Halloween, in order, so you don't get confused.
    • Decorate! Spider webs, witches, scarecrows, streamers, anything you can think for Halloween. You can have a nice non scary Halloween if you want, all you do is cover your home in spider webs, and put some streamers up. You can put a friendly scarecrow outside, with some pumpkins in front of it.
    • Carve! Select a few pumpkins from your local pumpkin patch as they are more expensive at the mall. Carve and create some eerie looking jack-o-lanterns. (the pumpkins can be silly too!) Look up the article, "How to Carve Pumpkins(For Beginners)" on WikiHow.
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    If you want it a little scarier, you can make a scary scarecrow, with some crows on it, put little spiders on the webs, if you decorate the inside of your home. Put some witches outside on the patio, and a bowl of candy. Then you can go out a Trick-or-Treat with your kids (If you have any.), if you don't have kids, you can stay out on the porch, and give candy to kids, they'll LOVE you, if you give them something nice, no hard pretzels, candy bars, they'll want to come back every year, and LIVE with you!
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    Get costumes. If you have kids you can get them for you, and your kids. If it's just you, and you mate, or just you yourself, you can still get a costume, Halloween is for everyone, don't be left out. Use some creativity if you don't want to buy anything at the store (They are all pretty expensive, for an adult, some can cost up to $200!), get some doctors' masks' and a white coat, maybe if you have a kid, you can go as the doctor family (Put a little blood-fake of course, that's expensive too, sometimes, so use red paint.), and just be creative!
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    Choose what candy you want. There are many kinds of candy in this world.
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    Get in your costumes, and get ready for the big night! So, costumes, get a bowl of candy, make sure your decorations or proper, and turn on your porch light to make it so people know you're giving candy.


  • Work on some DIY decorations! They're cute cheap and fun to make!
  • For a more fun and kind Halloween, make some candy apples and distribute them to your local old age home or orphanage. It would be a big act of kindness.
  • Dress up as a Halloween character while giving out candy to kids, but be a bit less scary.
  • Put your carved pumpkins in front of your scarecrow, if it's a nice Halloween, carve funny faces, if it's a scary Halloween, carve something a little more drastic on your pumpkin. You don't have to do this at all, or you can mix-and-match, or do the opposite.


  • Always carry or wear a glow stick/glowing bracelet or necklace so that passers-by and drivers can see you.
  • Keep the flames of the jack-o-lanterns out of reach from kids.
  • Keep the decorations moderate and not too scary for the little trick-or-treaters.

Things You'll Need

  • Good quality pumpkins
  • A Halloween costume

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