How to Get Ready for a Game

Don't frown and feel down if you've got a big game and aren't ready! It's simple to get juiced up while you lace up and prepare for that game.


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    Eat a good dinner the night before. The day before the game, load up on complex carbohydrates. Pasta dishes like spaghetti and meatballs are best.
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    Shower, deodorize, and get dressed. Make sure you're smelling nice before the game- it will help keep down the odor after the game, and can help you calm down.
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    Think about how you're going to crush your opponent. Half of getting ready is getting pumped up. Call them names in your head, but don't do it out loud! Listen to music that has a good beat and can help you get excited.
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    Review your mistakes from past games and learn from them. Did you accidentally mess up? Throw the ball the wrong way? You need to learn from your mistakes; it will ultimately make you a better player.
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    Know you're going to do well. Part of getting pumped up up is knowing you're going to bring the opponent down. Never tell yourself that you can't do it or that their team is too good; it will bring you down in the end. Think positive, have confidence.
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    Help your team get excited. Spread your excitement to your teammates in the huddle by sometimes just screaming your team name. It helps.
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    Perform your warm-ups well. Warm-ups are especially important in helping your game; it allows your muscles to loosen up and get ready to work.
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    Take it seriously. Playing around on the field or the court will get you nowhere. Take the game seriously and you will perform better.


  • If you seem extremely agitated from your nervousness, try starting a conversation with one of your teammates and see what they think, you'll find that they might not even feel anything which should put you at ease.
  • Practicing often helps make you a better player. Practice at things you need to improve on in your own time.
  • Don't get nervous. You can do it!
  • Eat healthy and stay fit to perform better during your games.
  • Make sure what you eat the night before the big game has lots of protein in it.

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