How to Get Prepared to Be a Bookworm

Have you ever procrastinated about reading books or ever wanted to be a writer, but ending up feeling like giving up on one of these things? Have you ever wanted to be a great writer like J.K. Rowling, Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Emily Dickinson, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Jane Austen, Mark Twain, or even L. Frank Baum? Here's a few ordinary steps for you on becoming a bookworm. Starting to act towards your goal to actually become a great writer like these super amazing authors will also make you a pretty good reader. Here are 4 steps to get into the habit of reading, writing, and become a bookworm!


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    Take out a fresh notebook or calendar (any special one that you have in store at home/ buy one at Target, Walmart, Staples, etc.) and get out a pen or pencil. Make sure to stick to that notebook (the reason why I want you all to get out a notebook is because you must write down your goals and other things I'll cover up while making these steps). Write your first and last name in the front or back of your notebook. Write down any ideas for books/ formulate an idea section.
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    Make sure to write down at least 1 or more goals (whether it be mini goals or enormous ones) example: I want to ride a bike at least 2 times per week or I want to write a novel and leave at least 2 hours to write things about the book and do some research on it. it can be whatever way you want it to turn out. This can take about 1-10 minutes to do. Remember, one of your goals must be related to reading books and/or writing. For example, be specific about how many books you want to read in a year (you must do the math sadly....) and begin with very easy books (something that fits your age).
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    Start to get into the habit of going to the library and check out books. This can help you figure out what subject or what genre you appreciate. You can also find new friends with shared interests while you are there. Befriend the librarian, and simply look in the back of the books to read the description about the book to get the gist of the story.
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    Do online research too. Log on to websites like or to know more about the book/books you are currently reading or the one that you plan to buy.
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    Read about the author and watch video interviews of the authors you admire. You can catch their reasons to write and know what were their inspirations. If you can relate to something they say, write it down in your notebook.
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    If you feel up to it, you can even start fan fiction about your favorite characters. It helps you collect feedback and track your progress via comments from other fans of the work you derive your fan fiction from.
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    Keep a dictionary handy. If you don't understand a part or word in the book, don't wait ask a friend online what it means unless you can look it up on your own.
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    Religiously collect new words/phrases, plot-points/ideas, character quirks that stick to you in the book. You will be amazed at how quick your notebook will fill up.
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    If you have read so far and is thus serious about becoming a writer, never be ashamed to try out the classes in High School or College towards becoming an aspiring writer. Remember that becoming published and setting up a writing studio are all a lot cheaper now with e-books and e-readers galore.


  • Never shy away from poetry and listen to instrumental music when you read your novels. (Studies suggest that listening to soft classical music like Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, etc., will help you concentrate on what you read be it right before you go to bed or upon waking up in the morning.
  • Read books that will inspire you in the future
  • this requires a notebook
  • Read as much as you want and write a good 1-5 sentence summary of each chapter (if it does have chapters) or when you feel like not reading, write a list of things that relate to the book (maybe this might help you come up with your own writing ideas in the future)

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