How to Get Past the Ending of a Book

How can you get over the ending of a book? Many people are so obsessed with books that it's hard not to think of it's ending and get over it. Here's a few ways that may help you.


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    Know that the ending chosen is possibly the best ending there is. Authors work very hard writing and rewriting the book. A good ending could even get them more reads, so there's a good reason they chose to end it this way. It serves the theme of the book.
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    Read what the author has to say about it. If the book has a sad\unexpected ending, chances are you're not the only one who can't get over it! Readers must have been asked why they chose that ending. Hearing the author's point of view can ease you into it.
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    Read other comments of other obsessed readers and see what they think. You'll either find people who support your idea, which will make you feel better, or you'll find people with other opinions. Argue with them. See who's right.
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    Read other books, either of that same author or someone else. Do you like the book? Go ahead and check out more similar books. You're probably only upset because you like the book. Go get another one; you might get over it sooner than you think. In fact, as soon as you become obsessed with a new book, you'll forget about the old one.
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    Write your own ending. Still think the ending is unfair? than simply make your own ending. Rewrite the book your own way in which you find a different route the author never thought of. It'll feel better and you can always think of your version as the original one. You can also go and share it on different writing sites that might enjoy your fanfiction (like Quotev and Wattpad.) Maybe you'll even get published.


  • Reread the books and think of why the author chose that ending. There must be a reason.
  • Know that you're not the only one getting frustrated over books.
  • Talk to a friend and get them to read the book also.
  • Talk to fellow fans.
  • Have a rant about it in your blog, the author's blog or social networks.
  • In the end, it's only a book, don't let it control you. Go on doing your everyday routines and you'll forget about it soon.


  • Talking to random people about a book's ending and freaking out may make you look like a crazy person. Please fan]boy girl in your own private time.
  • There's no way to get over your obsessions with books in general. they can get very additive.

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