How to Get Past Embarrassment

Sometimes in life, things happen, things that we had never dreamed of ever happening. Some of them may be good, such as unexpected moves from friends, but others can be quite devastating, such as embarrassment. This might happen coincidentally or just unintentionally for example peeing on oneself, caught watching porn, and so on. But that is not the end of life, the problem is that the thoughts keep on recurring in our minds and make it impossible to move on. But here is a way to move on.


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    Don't think about it! Once it has happened, it has happened, but it doesn't mean that your life if over. Just don't throw your mind anywhere towards it. Once someone brings it on, accept it was your mistake and confront them that you didn't really mean to do it. Once you have shown them the confidence in you, they will refrain from even talking about it.
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    Ignore what they are saying and just move on with your life. You are the pilot of your own craft, others are in their own crafts as well. Don't let them put you down, or tear you apart. Be who you are, show that you've fully recovered, make new friends who accept you. The world is very big place, you will always find some on who appreciates you!
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    Avoid all kinds of situations that will remind others of the incidence. This is because with time, all the fever about what happened, what people know about it and the like will die out. Give it about two years, you will feel all better and when you look back at what happened, you will be like "What the heck, I can't believe this happened". It will actually just sound funny.
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    Share your story with a friend. When you do speak out your heart with someone who has gone through the same experience, you will fell better, you will feel a lot more better compared to when you hide it all to yourself. Always have one person, friend, family or whatever with whom you share your personal stories. This is when a dairy will come in handy as well.
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    Seek counseling services. In case the event is tormenting you so much, it would be advisable to go and see a counselor as soon as possible, before it interrupts with your normal lifestyle. The truth is when you are having something wrong with your state of mind, it will always show out, and this will have a dreadful impact on your life. You can also try some online counseling services, after all you will be dealing with some one quite anonymous.
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    Always keep yourself occupied. Once you are all alone, all by yourself, a number of thoughts will hit straight through your mind. The most likely are the negative thoughts, as the body tends towards negativity because it's a much stronger thought. Once you are all alone, read books, read magazines, play some games such as scrabble, chess, just avoid having negative thoughts. Think of the happiest things that have ever happened to you, or at least go out there and do talk to someone.
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    Never blame yourself. You did not mean to do it, it just happened.


  • Work as hard as possible to cover up the mistake.
  • Engage in meaningful and useful activities such as church choirs, a local band or just a friendly group.
  • Do something when your mind is trying to think reverse.
  • Always make friends with people who appreciate you.
  • Talk to those that are always spreading the story in a very brave tone.


  • There are these kinds of people that will always be coming your way to prove a point that you must really be ashamed. They will make you in all ways they can think of. If you show it to them that you are really moved by their actions, for instance shouting back or barking at them, they will know that they have won the battle and have successive in bringing you down. Whenever you run across such low life's, just give them an assertive look, showing them that what they say doesn't really matter. When they bring up the topic, your reply should be "so what?"

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