How to Get Paintball Gear As a Beginner

Paintball is an extreme sport; once you start playing you won't want to ever stop. With enough money you can make the game both fun and safe.


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    Decide what kind of paintball you are going to play. There are two main forms of play, called "Woodsball" and "Speedball". They have various different subcategories and names, but the most basic distinction is this: Woodsball is played in the woods, Speedball is played with large inflatable bunkers, or man-made objects in a small court.
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    Be sure you have the proper gear to protect yourself during play. Safety always comes first in paintball.
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    A paintball mask should be your first purchase. You are going to want to look for something that fits well, and provides an accurate amount of coverage. Since Masks tend to fog up over time, looking for a Thermal Lens will help you ensure that your first game is clear.
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    For your first game, wear protective clothing. A sweatshirt and sweatpants are advised. If you attend a professional field for your first time, which is recommended, then you will be required to chronograph your marker to an acceptable level, usually below 300 FPS. However, bruising may still result. Layers will help keep the damage from the impact to a minimum.
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    Also, acquire a barrel cover. Barrel plugs are not permitted, because if misfired, they can become a projectile.
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    Find a paintball marker that will suit your type of play. You want a durable marker that will not break down on you over time, and operates simply. Since you are just beginning, I would recommended looking at products produced by Tippmann Pneumatics, Spyder, or Smart Parts, because they have markers that run in the $100-$200 range.
    1. Choose the type of marker you wish to use first. There are three main types: Electronic, Mechanical, and Pump. Electronic Markers use a computer board to make the gun fire faster . These can be adjusted to "ramp" or fire more then one ball per trigger pull. Mechanical markers operate on springs or other devices to fire one paintball at a time, except when a Response Trigger or E-Trigger is added to the marker itself. Pump markers have to be "pumped" every time a paintball is to be fired.
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    • Smart Parts provides markers that are designed for "Speedball" play (Vibe, Ion), with a few notable exceptions (The SP8 and the SP1).
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    • Spyder (Kingman USA) does both, with a woodsball line (MR1, MR2, MR3) and a speedball line (VS1, VS2, VS3). Spyder also produced the Pilot series, which was recently discontinued.
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    • Meanwhile, Tippmann covers the "Woodsball" end with their 98 Custom, A5, and X7. Keep in mind that these are not the only markers available, and there are many fine products made by groups such as Worrgames Paintball Guns, Airgun Designs, Dye, Proto, and various other brands.
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    Paintballs - Often when playing on a field, you will only be allowed to use paintballs purchased from the field owner. However, if you have the choice of what kind of paint to use, do not put too much thought in to it for your first game. Most paintballs will do. Expect to pay $50 U.S. for one case of 2,000 rounds. Take into account what sort of weather you are playing in, some brands of paint do better in certain conditions than others. Visible Impact gets very fragile and breaks easily in winter play but is fine for warmer weather, whereas Monster does well in cold but not in heat.
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    CO2 or HPA is going to propel your paintball out of the marker itself. CO2 is cheaper, and is recommended for beginners. However, as you advance, you may want to consider upgrading to HPA, as it has much better accuracy, is easier to regulate, and will save you money in the long run if you have access to free compressed air fills.


  • You can have fun with a $30 paintball marker. However, remember that price can reflect quality, and it may only last you a few games.
  • If you wear glasses, keep in note that they will fog up before your mask does. In this case, do not remove your mask during the game. Either leave the match and take care of it, or ask the ref what the field rules are concerning this.
  • If you find a PMR or DM4 too expensive go for a marker in the $70-120 area. Spyder,WGP, and Synergy markers are pretty good. Tippmann and Smartparts, as recommended above, also have good value markers
  • Don't worry about buying an expensive marker. A WDP Angel is a $1,000 marker, and as such, reflects that in its performance. However, for your first time, this will be completely unnecessary as you will be just as likely to hit a target with a Spyder, as with an Angel.Remember, the gun does not make the player!
  • Don't get an exoskeleton as they are not allowed in most parks. The paintballs bounce off a lot so it does not count as a hit.
  • Try buying paintballs in bulk.
  • Ebay and other auction sites have really good bargains on paintball gear. Be careful about buying online make sure the company you are buying from is a reputable company. Try Opsgear[1].
  • Always try the marker out if you can. If this is your first purchase, head down to your local pro shop and ask if you can see the marker, before you buy it.
  • Search Google for paintball fields in your area. You may also find good deals on your marker.


  • Remember to maintain your marker clean as it will be completely destroyed if you don't. The product manual will tell you how to clean it.
  • Do not take your mask off during the game, for any reason what-so-ever.
  • Do not point your marker at anyone unless you are ready to fire.
  • Do not look down the barrel for any reason, unless it is disconnected from the gun.
  • Always wear your protective gear, and make sure all your skin is covered.

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